A Comparative History of Immigration Policies

Korean Minjok Leadership Academy

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June 24th 2011
Apr. 1st 2011
Mar. 5th 2011

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Sloppy References. A complete reference would be : Article : Immigration Policy, from Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immigration_policy
Now in regard to Wikipedia articles, an intelligent reader can complete this information just by looking at the URL.
However, I can't do this with that blog you quote. Here I recommend : give title, name of the organization which posts it, and a comment describing it. I regard mosdt blogs as unquotable; if you think this one is, tell me why you think so.
In your conclusion you refer to Denmark, Germany, France; but your reference list does not contain entries regarding these countries.

I fear that you try writing your paper beginning with the conclusion.
Like an architect who wants to built the Great Pyramid and begins with the tip. The Wikipedia article is supposed to give you a starting point for your research; it is my impression that you take Wikipedia information for gospel, that you get your information on many countries' immigration policies from summaric supra-national articles such as the first position in your reference list.
This is a history paper. Immigration policy in the various countries you look at was not constant, subject to modification. You may be expected to try summarize this development, country by country for those countries you examine.
And your reader may expect you to try go beyond this very superficial source base you have so far.
You mention you "also bought a book" .. why is it not in your reference list ? You seem to have few, in any, sources on Korea.

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(1) I would prefer if you would not use the term "race". No reader in the English-speaking world would think of a "Korean race"; if they would think in racial categories, they would regard you as part of the "Mongoloid race". As a German, I feel especially comfortable with such a term; perhapt you may describe Korea as a mono-ethnic nation.
(2) chapters and subchapters : if a chapter has only one subchapter, merge that subchapter into the main chapter. Subchapters only if there are at least two.
(3) The discussion of the two models makes sense. But the idea of which one of the two you may recommend for Korea to adapt at the end of your analysis is not really a fair contest. It seems pretty obvious that only one option can be chosen.
If Korea has to make a choice, it is rather how many immigrants, what kinds of immigrants it will permit.
Overall : a start. You know what you want to write. Now you have to fill this outline with flesh.

Mar. 5th 2011

Sources on Polish immigration into Germany :
in English :
The Prussian authorities and the Poles of the Ruhr, John J Kulczycki (Book)
http://www.ghi-dc.org/publications/ghipubs/bu/038/119.pdf MIGRATION, CITIZENSHIP, AND POLISH INTEGRATION IN THE RUHR VALLEY AND NORTHEASTERN PENNSYLVANIA, 1870-1924 Brian McCook
in German
http://www.suite101.de/content/arbeitsmigration-in-deutschland--geschichtlicher-ueberblick-a101945 Arbeitsmigration in Deutschland - Geschichtlicher Überblick