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Term Paper Topics 15th Waves 2010 September

This semester students are to write a term paper (40 %) and a Book Report (25 %) of their score. [remainder : 25 % for quiz scores, 10 % class participation, no term tests.]

For every student, paper topic and book to be dealt with are related.

Book report : Due 1st week in November.
A book report shall contain : (1) introduction of the topic, (2) a brief list of other sources on the topic, (3) information on the author, (4) a brief synopsis of the work, (5) the isolation of a few major theses (no more than three), (6) your comment. Recommended paper length : 5 pages single space.

The paper is to describe the historical context the book is dealing. The objective is to establish sufficient critical distance from the book commented on before.

List of Books & Topics :
(1)      Mussolini, My Autobiography      Mussolini's Italy                                                Flying Dutchgirl
(2)      Djilas, Tito : the Story from Inside      Tito's Yugoslavia                                        Sir Robin the not quite so brave
(3)      Walesa, The Struggle and the Triumph      Walesa's Poland                                            KSC
(4)      Dubcek, Hope Dies Last      Dubcek's Czechoslovakia                                            Wurst
(5)      Stalin, October Revolution      The Russian Revolution                                            Serf
(6)      Brezhnev, How it Was      Reconstruction in Russia
(7)      Gorbachev, Perestroika      Gorbachev's Russia                                                     Hester
(8)      de Gaulle, Memoirs of Hope, Renewal and Endeavor      De Gaulle's France              Gung Ho
(9)      MacMillan, Riding the Storm      A Critical Analysis                                                Lassie
(10)      Wilson, Labour Government 1964-1970      Wilson's Britain                                   Indigo
(11)      Thatcher, The Downing Street Years      Thatcher's Britain                                   Jeanne d'Arc
(12)      Brezhnev, His Life and his Work      Brezhnev's Russia                                          Champollion Jr.
(13)      Brandt, My Life in Politics      Brandt's FR Germany
(14)      Schmidt, Perspectives in Politics      Schmidt's FR Germany
(15)      Genscher, Rebuilding a House Divided      German Unification
(16)      Foch, Memoirs      Foch's War
(17)      Laval, Diary      Laval's France                                                                          Dauphin
(18)      Clemenceau, Grandeur and Misery of Victory      Clemenceau's France                                   Heidi
(19)      Speer, Inside the Third Reich      Speer's Germany
(20)      Rommel, The Rommel Papers      Rommel's War                                                CHG
(21)      Hindenburg, Great War      Hindenburg's War                                                    Potato Prosecutor

Note : all these books are books on history or visions, written by political or military figures.
Once you chose a topic and got it registered, you can borrow the book in question from your teacher.

First claim, by email, gets the topic; every topic only once.

         May 25th 2010          Alexander Ganse

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