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Term Paper Topics 15th Waves 2011 September

AP WORLD HISTORY This semester students are to write a term paper (50 %) [remainder : 25 % for quiz scores, 25 % class participation, no term tests.]

Outline due October 1st, Timeline November 1st, final draft December 1st.

List of Topics :
Period I : Technological and Environmental Transformations, to c. 600 BCE
(1)      Hester      Out of Africa : The Peopling of the Earth
(2)           The Social and Ecological Impact of the (Neolithic) Agricultural Revolution
(3)           The Social and Ecological Impact of the Emergence of Pastoral Nomadism
(4)           Priest-Kingship in Antiquity
(5)           Religion and Agricultural Societies
(6)      Dauphin      Megalithic Architecture
Period II : Organization and Reorganization of Human Societies, c. 600 BCE to c. 600 CE
(7)      Jeanne d'Arc      History of Oral Literature and its Codification
(8)           Military Development as an Agent of Progress
(9)      Champollion      Ecological Impact of Old and New Religions
(10)           Rise and Decline of American Civilizations
(11)           History of Interregional Trade
(12)      Lassie      A Comparative History of Cities
Period III : Regional and Transregional Interactions : c. 600 CE to c. 1450 CE
(13)      Heidi      The history of the spread of staple crops
(14)           Linguae Francae
(15)      Godot      The Relation of Religion and State
(16)           The Relation of Trade and the State
(17)           Interregional Cultural Transfer
Period IV : Globalizing Networks of Communication and Exchange, c. 1450 to c. 1750 CE
(18)      Pioneer      History of Maritime Transportation
(19)           Interregional Trade as a Business
(20)      Gung Ho      Synchretic Religions
(21)      Hwik      Gunpowder Empires

(22)      Chatterbox      Transoceanic Colonial Empires
(23)           Colonial Societies
Period V : Industrialization and Global Integration c.1750 to 1900
(24)      Goalpost      The Spread of Industrialization beyond the West

When you create the timeline, keep notes where you found which bit of information.

First claim, by email, gets the topic; every topic only once.

         August 31st 2011          Alexander Ganse

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