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Term Paper Topics 15th Waves 2012 March


Author Lifetime Title Focus Covers Period Translator, Language
Yegishe Vardapet 410-475 The history of Vartan: and of the battle of the Armenians, 1830, GB
Armenia, Iran C.F. Neumann, EN
al-Hakam -870 Dhikr fath al-Andalus: Ibn Abd-el-Hakem's history of the conquest of Spain, 1858, GB
Spain J.H. Jones, EN
al-Tabari 838-923 Chronique vol.1 1836, GB
vol.1 1867, GB, vol.2 1869, GB, vol.4 1867, IA,
Caliphate Dubeux, FR
Zotenberg, FR
al-Masudi 896-956 el-Masudi's historical encyclopaedia, entitled "Meadows of gold and mines of gems." 1841, IA Caliphate A. Sprenger, EN
Muhammad ibn Haukal 10th C. The oriental geography of Ebn Haukal: an Arabian traveller of the tenth century 1800, GB Orient 10th C. Ouseley, EN
Sabuktigin, Mahmud of Ghazni 942-997, 971-1030 The Kitab-i-Yamini: Historical Memoirs of the Amir Sabaktagin, and the Sultan Mahmud of Ghazna 1858, IA India c 1000 J. Reynolds, EN
Matthew of Edessa -1144 Chronique de Matthieu d'Edesse [962-1136] Continuee par Gregoire le pretre [jusqu'en 1162, 1858, IA Palestine, Syria 962-1162 FR
al-Idrisi 1099-1166 Description de l'Afrique et de l'Espagne 1866, GB Maghreb, Spain 12th Century Dozy/de Goeje, FR
Ludolf (von Sachsen) Reisebuch ins Heilige Land, in Niederdeutscher Mundart, 1861, GB Mediterranean, Palestine Crusader Era DE
Smbat Sparapet Smbat Sparapet's Chronicle
Armenian Cilicia, Asia Minor 951-1272 Bedrosian, EN
Ibn Khallikan 1211-1282 Ibn Khallikan's biographical dictionary vol.1 1868, vol.2 1843, vol.3 1868, GB
World of Islam -13th Century B. MacGuckin de Slane, EN
Vahram Vahram's Chronicle of the Armenian Kingdom in Cilicia during the Time of the Crusades , 1831, GB Lesser Armenia 13th Century C.F. Neumann, EN
Ibn Battuta 1308-1368 The travels of Ibn Batuta 1829, GB
Afro-Eurasia 1325-1354 S. Lee, EN
Ali ibn 'Abd Allah Ibn Abi Zar' al-Fasi written 1326 Roudh el-Karras: histoire des souverains du Maghreb [Espagne et Maroc] et annales de la ville de Fes, 1860, in French, GB
Maghreb, Spain 600s- Beaumier, FR
Ibn Khaldun 1332-1406 Histoire des Berberes et des dynasties musulmanes de l'Afrique Septentrionale vol.1 1852, GB; vol.2 1854, GB; vol.3 1866, GB
Maghreb W. McGuckin Slane, FR
Timur Lenk 1336-1405 The Mulfuzat Timury: or, Autobiographical memoirs of the Moghul emperor Timur 1830, GB; ditto, IA
Iran C. Stewart, EN
al-Yazdi The history of Timur-Bec: known by the name of Tamerlain the Great, emperor of the Moguls and Tartars: being an historical journal of his conquests in Asia and Europe, 1723, GB
Iran 14th Century (P. de la Croix) EN
Makrizi 1364-1442 Histoire des Sultans Mamlouks vol.1 1845, IA; vol.2 1845, GB
Egypt M. Quatremere, FR
al-Suyuti 1445-1505 The history of the temple of Jerusalem 1836, GB Palestine J. Reynolds, EN
Ahmad Ibn Magid 1431-1510 The Poem of Sofala. Arab Navigation along the East African Coast in the 15th Century, 1982, GB Swahili Coast 15th c Khoury, EN
Rabbi Joseph ben Joshua ben Meir 1496- The Chronicles of Rabbi Joseph ben Joshua ben Meir vol.1 1835, GB; vol.2 1836, GB -1509 C.H.F. Bialloblotzky, EN
al-Malibari Tohfut-ul-mujahideen 1833, GB
India 16th Century M.J. Rowlandson, EN
Humayun 1508-1556 The Tezkereh al vakiat: or, Private memoirs of the Moghul Emperor Humayun, 1832, GB
Mughal Empire C. Stewart, EN
Firishta 1560-1620 The history of Hindostan 1768 edition vol.1, GB, 1768 edition vol.2, GB; vol.1 1803, GB, vol.2 1792, GB
History of the rise of the Mahomedan power in India, till the year A.D. 1612 vol.1 1829, GB, vol.2 1829, GB, vol.3 1829, GB
History of Dekkan from the first Mahummedan conquests: with continuation 1794, GB
Mughal Empire -1612 A. Dow, EN
J Briggs, EN
J. Scott, EN
al-Maqqari 1578-1632 The history of the Mohammedan dynasties in Spain: extracted from the Nafhu-t-tib min ghosni-l-Andalusi-r-rattib wa tarikh Lisanu-d-Din Ibni-l-Khattib vol.1 1840, GB, vol.2 1840, GB
Andalus P. de Gayangos, EN
W. Wright, FR
Jahangir 1569-1627 Memoirs of Emperor Jahangueir 1829, GB
Mughal Empire D. Price, EN
al-Halabi The Travels of Macarius, Patriarch of Antioch : vol.1 : Anatolia, Romelia, Moldavia 1829, vol.2 : Wallachia, Moldavia and the Cossack Country 1831, vol.3 : Cossack Country and Muscovy, 1832, vol.5 : Muscovy, 1834, vol.7 : Novgorod, Moscow and the Cossack Country 1836, vol.8 : Moldavia and Wallachia 1836, vol.9 : Black Sea, Anatolia, Syria, 1836, GB
Ottoman Empire, Muscovy F.C. Belfour, EN
K. Celebi 1609-1657 The history of the maritime wars of the Turks, 1831, GB
Ottoman Empire J. Mitchell, EN
Ibn-Idari de Marruecos 1622-1624 Historias de al-Andalus 1860, GB
Spain F. Fernandez Gonzalez, SP
Mustafa Naima 1655-1716 Annals of the Turkish Empire from 1591 to 1659 of the Christian era, vol.1 1832, GB
Ottoman Empire 1591-1659 C. Fraser, EN
al-Harawi -1630 History of the Afghans vol.4 1836, GB
Afghanistan B. Dorn, EN
Abulghazi Bahadur ruled Khiva 1643-1663 A general history of the Turks, Moguls and Tatars, vulgarly called Tartars: together with a description of the countries they inhabit, in two volumes: I. The genealogical history of the Tatars, translated from the Tatar manuscript written in the Mogul language by Abu'l Ghazi Bahader, Khan of Khowarazm ; II. An account of the present state of the Northern Asia, as it includes Grand Tatary, (or the countries possess'd by the Moguls and Tatars) and Siberia: with some observations relating to great Russia, Turky, Arabia, Persia, India and China, with two maps exhibiting the antient and present state of Grand Tatary ; the whole made English from the French, with several improvements and additions 1730, GB
Central Asia FR => EN
Evliya Celebi 1611-1682 Narrative of travels in Europe, Asia, and Africa in the seventeenth century vol.1 1834, GB
vol.1,2 1846, GB
vol.2 1850, GB
Ottoman Empire 17th Century J. v. Hammer, EN
his son 18th C. The life of Hafiz ool-Moolk, Hafiz Rehmut Khan, 1831, GB
Rohilkhand C. Elliott, EN
Ghulam Husain Khan (Tabatabai) The Siyar-ul-Mutakherin,: a history of the Mahomedan power in India during the last century, vol.1 1832, GB Mughal Empire 18th Century J. Briggs, EN
Kirmani The history of Hydur Naik, otherwise styled Shums ul Moolk, Ameer ud Dowla, nawaub Hydur Ali khan bahadoor, Hydur Jung; nawaub of the Karnatic Balaghaut 1842, IA
The history of the reign of Tipu Sultan, being a continuation of the Veshani Hyduri 1863, GB
Karnataka 18th Century W. Miles, EN
W. Miles, EN
A chronicle of the family of Raja Krishnachandra of Navadv©•pa, Bengal 1852, GB
Bengal 18th Century W. Pertsch, EN
History of the War in Bosnia 1737-1739 1830 Bosnia 1737-1739 C. Fraser, EN
Nakoda Muda La-uddin 18th century Memoirs of a Malayan family 1830, IA Sumatra 18th Century W. Marsden, EN
Hadji Ebn-ed-Din el-Eghwaati Early 19th Century Journey into the Interior of Northern Africa, 1831, GB North Africa Early 19th C. W.B. Hodgson, EN
al-Tilimsani Early 19th Century, written 1194 AH Chroniques de la regence d'Alger 1841, IA; Maghreb (Algiers) 16th Century Rousseau, FR
Yuan Yung-lun History of the Pirates who infested the Chinese Sea 1807-1810 Chinese Sea 1807-1810 C.F. Neumann, EN
V. Sangermano -1819 A Description of the Burmese Empire: Compiled Chiefly from Native Documents 1833, IA Burma c 1800 W. Tandy, EN
Nipon o dai itsi ran; ou, Annales des empereurs du Japon 1834, IA Japan 18th-19th C Titsingh/Klaproth, FR
Mir Khvand History of the early kings of Persia : from Kaiomars, the first of the Peshdadian dynasty, to the conquest of Iran by Alexander the Great 1832, IA
Iran -334 BCE D. Shea, EN
Sadik Isfahani The geographical works of Sadik Isfahani. 1832, IA Iran J.C., EN

A. Maalouf (ed.) The Crusades through Arab Eyes, 1989 KMLA Library Middle East 1099-1291 EN
S.B. Schwartz (ed.) Implicit Understandings. Observing, Reporting and Reflecting on the Encounters between Europeans and Other Peoples in the Early Modern Era (secondary lit., G) the World 1450-1800 EN
D.R. Woolf (ed.) A Global Encyclopedia of Historical Writing, 2 vols., 1998 (secondary lit., G) the World EN
al-Jabarti Al-Jabarti's Chronicle of the French Occupation : 1798, Napoleon in Egypt, 1993, (primary lit., G) Egypt 1798 EN

This semester students are to write a term paper (50 %) [remainder : 25 % for quiz scores, 25 % class participation, no term tests.]

Presentations from March 15th, Annotated Table of Contents May 1st, final draft June 1st.

List of Topics :

The following list contains overview topics. In a number of cases (topics 1, 2, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18) it is expected that usage of the aforelisted primary sources is made.
As these are overview topics, students are expected to establish an independent list of sources, both primary and secondary (and bibliographic sources are recommended; use WHKMLA index pages), to establish a chronology.
Including a map in your paper is also recommended.

(1)      Jeanne d'Arc      The Clash of Cultures in Malabar
(2)           The Clash of Cultures in Hindustan (modern Uttar Pradesh, center of the Mughal Empire)
(3)      Heidi      Melting-Pot Cultures : the Swahili Cities
(4)           Melting-Pot Cultures : the Trade Centers of Maritime South East Asia
(5)      Champollion Jr.      Hosts to communities of foreign merchants : Alexandria
(6)           Hosts to communities of foreign mercants : Chang'an
(7)           The Ports on the Gulf (Persian, Arabian Gulf)
(8)           Cities on the Silk Road
(9)           A comparative history of Indian Ports : Cambay, Surat, Bombay (Thatta, Karachi, Gujarati ports)
(10)      Gung Ho      A comparative history of Arabian Ports : Muscat, Ports of Hadhramaut, Aden, Mocca, Jeddah
(11)           African Ports north of the Swahili Coast : Zeilac, Berbera, Tadjoura, Obock, Djibouti
(12)           Diplomacy in the Malay Archipelago, 1511-1795

(13)      Godot      Contemporary Views on the Reconquista
(14)      Dauphin      Contemporary Views on the Era of Portuguese Discovery
(15)      HDN      Contemporary Views on the Crusades
(16)      Hester      Mughal Historiography
(17)           Ottoman and North African Historiography
(18)           South East Asian Historiography
(19)           West African Historiography
(20)           Historiography of Southern India and Sri Lanka (Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu)
(21)           Historiography of Mainland Southeast Asia

(22)      Zebra      Buddhism-Related Archaeology
(23)      Private Hwik      Hinduism-Related Archaeology
(24)           Daoism-Related Archaeology
(25)           Zoroastrianism-Related Archaeology
(26)      Lassie      Eastern Christianity-Related Archaeology
(27)      Chatterbox      Confucianism-Related Archaeology

(28)           Communication in First Time Encounters : the Cases of Columbus, da Gama, Cortes, Pizarro, Magellan

(6)      YJH      History of the Sahara and adjacent Regions
(29)      Zoologist      Environmental History of South America

keep notes where you found which bit of information.

First claim, by email, gets the topic; every topic only once.

         November 19th 2011          Alexander Ganse

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