16th Century Women Rulers

Korean Minjok Leadership Academy

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June 26th 2011
May 31st 2011
May 31st 2011

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As you include movies, why not La Reine Margot / Queen Margot ?
I gave you the title of John Lothrop Motley The Rise of the Dutch Republic , (1555-84); online, in English. Why not in your reference list ?
Sloppy references. In case of Phyllis Mack Crew, you don't give place of publication, publisher, year of publication. In case oif websites, you do not give author/organization responsible, article or page title.
The list is a bit short, especially as some entries have a dubious information value - movies because they are biased, and websites because they are encyclopedic (short, lack depth), may be flawed, or in case of the Wikipedia, lack an identifiable author.
I am not hostile to the Wikipedia; it is a great place to start your research, but a bad place to end your research at this level. More books please.

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Your introduction is okay.
The next step should be a working reference list. I suggest you organize it by ruler.

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A detailed table of contents.
Terminology : the Netherlands (plural), not Netherland.
Terminology : Britain = England, Scotland and Wales. Your term "Britain and Scotland" appears weird, as "Korea and Kangwondo". As you deal with a period prior to the establishment of the United Kingdom, use 'England' instead of 'Britain'.