Life of Upper-Class Women Reflected Throughout 19th Century Literature

Korean Minjok Leadership Academy

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April 28th 2012
March 27th 2012
March 27th 2012

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(1) Title : .. reflected in 19th Century European Literature
(2) "Bourgeoisie", like "nobility" has no plural. Bourgeoisie = the class; individuals = "bourgeois"
(3) thesis = singular; plural = theses
(4) When I copy and paste your file into the text editor, in order to turn it into an html file, all special characters get messed up. I try clean up the file, but I may have overlooked matters.
(5) Next time : highlight changes.

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Overall looks solid. You seem to have a good idea of what you want.
I wonder if all heroines of your stories qualify as noble, though.
The title is way too broad.

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Books and Writers - correct website tritle, wrong website.
This is the site I recommended to you :
Otherwise looks solid. As I suggested to you today in class, add historical encyclopedia entries. As the topics these novelists wrote about were controversial, you may learn more about the stir they caused.