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Appendix 1 , Mar. 27 2012

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At the top : add a "table of contents" where you list individualk articles. Sort them in chronol,ogical order, number them (WI 1 = West Indies 1).
For every article : add a regest (a paragraph long description of the article. In such a regest you may want to (1) summarize the content, (b) provide information from which source the Europische Mercurius got its information (if available; if not : make an assumption), (c) provide information about the time it took for that information to get to the reader.
At the bottom : add a diary paragraph.
Here you record the day when you post it or add/modify it. You also record which newspaper (title, year(s)) you have covered. In this case, add a cross link to my Europische Mercurius page, and you might add if you (a) relied on my index, (b) used CTRL F (search function) on my index page, (c) used CTRL F in the google books pages of the respective Europische Mercurius volumes.