The comparison on the influence of ethnic groups on the development of The Asian Tigers: Korea and Singapore

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Table of Contents July 2nd 2013
Chapter V July 2nd 2013
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seems fine to me.

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(1) you do in some cases provide information on where you found your information, in the text in brackets. please convert these into endnotes.
In general, your text does not contain sufficient endnotes (references to where you obtained your information). In endnotes use short references (author, family name only, year of publication, page number(s)
(2) During the Korean War, which was 5 years after the Japanese Occupation, which broke out 5 years after the end of Japanese occupation

Bibliography July 2nd 2013 . Go to KNR's Log

(1) Primary sources :
- Korean Phoenix : too unspecific. What is this ? a book ? a documentary ? no author, no year of publication.
- DongAh Newspaper (March 24th, 1972) : the entire issue, or one or several articles in the issue ? at least add an annotation
- Collection of President Park Jeong Hee's speech related to 1978 Saemaul Movement is this collection held in an archive, in form of manuscripts, or has this collection been published as a book ? If a book, give editor, year of publication; if held in an archive, tell your reader which archive
- Lyrics of Saemaul Movement : who wrote these lyrics ? published in which year ?
- Keynote speech by Mr. Masgos Zulkifli BMM, Senior Parlimentary Secretary, Ministry of Eudcation, at the Association of Muslim Professionals' (AMP) Community in Review Senior on Saturday, 26 January 2008 at Holiday Inn Parkview Hotel at 10:00 am Education; Holiday Inn Hotel - on Greenland, Saint Helena, or the Moon ?
All your primary source reference are not specific enough.
(2) Encyclopedia Articles :
- "Korean Ethnic Nationalism"
=> Wikipedia English edition, Article "Korean Ethnic Nationalism",
the other entries treat in a similar manner
(3) Text Books :
- Middle School Korean History Textbook, Ministry of Education pp.200-324 : give publishing company, and the year of publication.
You can not expect your reader to know that at the time of the publication of the textbook you use, only one such book was used in all the middle schools of the ROK. And that all textbooks in Korea on the same subjects have the same title. So you must provide the name of the publishing company. Also, the text of such textbooks is frequently revised, so the year of publication is an essential piece of information.
(4) Books :
- Ethnic Nationalism in Korea: Genealogy, Politics, And Legacy, GI-Wook Shin
- The Singapore Story, Lee Kuan Yew, Simon & Schuter (1998)
Schuster; Gi-Wook
Upper title : you give the name of the author in the form : first name first, family name last; lower title : family name first, first name last. I suggest : for Oriental names, family name first, first name last, standardized through your paper. If the author uses a western first name, you may stick to western custom.
(5) Thesis Papers
- A Comparison of the Economic Development of the Republic of Korea and the Philippines since Independence, Chi-Kyu Shim, 2008
You forgot to provide the URL for this paper. If any of the other thesis papers listed here is online, give the respective URL
No capitalization of titles and names, please.
(6) Newspaper Articles :
- 지나친 교육열 일제때 학력차별이 뿌리 (Excessive Education Fever, the root of Japanese Occupation)
Your annotation reads as if excessive education fever (in Korea) was responsible for the fact that Japan occupied Korea. Don't you mean to say it was the other way round ?
Overall : normally in a bibliography there is not that much to criticize. In this case I have the impression that you put this reference list together without thinking much of what you were doing. Most of these mistakes you could have found if you would have double-checked the reference list.

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