Stages of the Neolithic Revolution

Korean Minjok Leadership Academy

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April 28th 2012
April 11th 2012
April 2nd 2012

April 28th 2012 . . Go to KHR's Log

Sorry for the delay.
When I copy and paste your file into the text editor, for conversion into html, all special characters are messed up. I try to clean up the text, but may have overlooked some.
Next time : highlight the changes.
As I gave you information on a Natufian Bibliography and other online bibliographies related to the early history of agriculture, and as we cleared up the mystery of the Ghasulians, I assume your bibliography will be further extended.
Close to the bottom of your list : books, Phenomenon of Science, chapter 5.. No author, no year of publication, no page numbers.
Your reference list is inconsistent :
European Economic Review, Evolution and Growth, Galor Oded and Omer Moav May 2001, 45 what does the 45 stand for ? page 45 ? issue 45 ?
Baramki D.C. 1935. An Ancient Tomb Chamber at War Abu es Safa near Jerusalem. QDAP 4:168-169.
Abu-'Uqsa H. 2002. Two Burial Caves at Hurfeish. In Z. Gal ed. Eretz Zafon: Studies in Galilean Archaeology. Jerusalem. Pp. 135-139.
so in case of Abu-'Uqsa you indicate page numbers by pp.135-139; in case of Baramki you don't. Be consistent : pp.168-169.
Maybe you find references and copy and paste them. Then go through your reference list and make sure that your reference list is consistent in style.

April 11th 2012 . . Go to KHR's Log

I have added 3 headlines. Merge 1 and 3, and have 2 (reconstructed Reference List) appear at the bottom.
Under Melinda Zeder, the first entry appears twice.
Overall, this looks like a solid reference list.
The "Rasulians" or however they are spelled (Ghazulians/Ghasulians ?) - continue to try find out about them.
As the next step, create a timeline (stage-line) based on the documentary. Then start reading other sources on the Neolithic Revolution and see inhowfar they establish stages.

April 2nd 2012 . . Go to KHR's Log

Actually you mix 3 separate lists together : (1) your reference list (documentaries, encyclopedic sources), (2) references the "Stories fgrom the Stone Age" uses (interviews) and (3) publications by persons interviewed by "Stories from the Stone Age" which may be part of your reference list and of the reference list of the people who made "stories from the Stone Age".
Please separate these lists and mark them clearly.