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Discussion Topics
Vergangenheitsbewältigung (struggle to come to terms with the past), Wikipedia Article
The Wikipedia article discusses this German-language term only in the context of German historiography. It may be applied to other national historiographies, as well as to multi-national approaches of historiography.

Myths in National Historiography. Germany : Sonderweg, Borussian Myth
France : Natural Borders (Rhine, Alps, Pyrenees); Legitimate Supremacy; responsibility of the French (Vichy France) in World War II
Britain : Theory of an Anglo-Saxon race
U.S. : Manifest Destiny Wikipedia Article
Myths here does not refer to traditional myths, but to historical interpretations which exaggerate or portray certain events as predetermined by destiny, myths created by historians. Historians of nations other than Germany have produced such myths as well.

Historical Revisionism Wikipedia Article
Here not Historical Revisionism per se shall be discussed, but the Wikipedia Article on it

Counterfactual History Wikipedia Article

Oral History, Wikipedia Article

Biography, Hagiography, Villainography W. : B., W. : H.

Introduction Topics :

Online Sources : Ben Cahoon's World Statesmen

related topic : Western Calligraphy

Epigraphy (Study of Inscriptions)

Sigillography (also called sphragistics)


Codex Diplomaticus (Cartulary)

Annals and Chronicles W.: A., W.: C.

Numismatics, Wikipedia Article

Documents of the Day :
No.2, Article : Universitätsmatrikel, from GenWiki, in German
No.3 : Punch Magazine, from Spartacus Schoolnet and Punch (Magazine), from Wikipedia. The Online Books Page at UPenn provides links to complete scans of entire issues; many volumes until 1922.

Source Studies :

(1) Geographic Encyclopedias on the Princebishopric of Osnabrück
(2) Merchants' Guides on the Trade of Bremen
(3) Historic Encyclopedias on the History of Schleswig
(4) General Secular Encyclopedias on the Duchy of Braunschweig (Brunswick)
(5) Publications on Population Statistics : The Example of Oldenburg
(6) Encyclopedias on the Biography of Napoleon Bonaparte

         November 19th 2011
         Alexander Ganse

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