The Influence of China on the Development of Early Global Trade, and the Role of Silver

Korean Minjok Leadership Academy

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Second Draft (Final Draft), Nov. 21 2013
Revised Bibliography , Oct. 17 2013
First Draft , June 2012

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There were a few minor mistakes which I fixed in the process of translating your file into html.
The funniest - in your bibliography you refer to a Wikipedia page on Fiat Money; in your notes you refered to the same article as being on "Flat Money".

The author, Shim Soho, a history buff, has taken my history class for 3 years. Coming out of the Korean education system, she wasa accustomed to history class being about the memorization of dates and names. Over the last three years she has learnt to ask analytical questions (she suggested the topic of this paper), to find relevant quality primary and secondary sources, to overcome her habit of viewing historical developments as being monocausal, to keep questioning her own hypothesis. This paper is the result of her intellectual growth, and I have learnt from it.
Nov. 21 2013, Alexander Ganse, teacher of history at KMLA

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(1) sources 4 and 23 identical
(2) source 28 : give year of publication
(3) source 3 : I don't get the "History of Warfare" part; from my website the pages most relevant for you seem to be,,,,,,
(4) a source you should include : Ulrich Theobald, China Knowledge : Ming Dynasty, Economy; Qing Dynasty, economy; provides decent encyclopaedic level overview; site has a single, named author, is quotable
(5) Try find Edward Kaplan, Chinese Economic History from Stone Age to Mao's Age on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, and if you find it, add it to your reference list

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comment as of Oct. 15 2013

(1) Weak reference list; you need to include more publications on Chinese economic history. Look into standard reference works such as the Cambridge History of China.
(2) Add missing notes (2a, 2b, 2c, 11a)

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