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Term Paper Topics 17th Waves 2014 March : Historiography

In her thesis on Stylin'! Samba Joy versus structural precision: the soccer case studies of Brazil and Germany, Susan Pavelka Milner [while using the U.S. American term for what the world calls football] establishes a connection between national mentality and the approach to [now let me use a U.S. American term] business.

In Historiography class (Spring 2014) I want students to give two presentations; one on the two has to be turned into a term paper. One set of presentations will be on various national approaches to Weltgeschichte [= World History]. We will focus on (1) the U.S. approach to World History, (1a) the College Board approach to World History, (2) the German approach to World History, (3) the British Approach to World History and (4) the Korean approach to World History.

For the aforementioned countries, we will look for (1) high school textbooks, (2) atlases, (3) books listing significant dates / timelines, (4) compendia and (5) bibliographies. To eliminate publications which may be regarded not representative, publications which have been reedited many times will be focused on.

This is my first attempt to have class engage in a group project.


Note : First, in Germany students attend high school from their 5th to their 12th grade (it used to be 13), so for 8 (9) years. Second, there is only one subject of history being taught, history, there is no such thing as a seperate subject of world history. So textbooks cover German, European and World history all in one book (that is, one book per school year).

Putzgers historischer Weltatlas Wikipedia article (German edition);(Putzger's historical world atlas); 1st edition 1877, 104th updated edition 2011. This book has been required 'reading' at high schools in Germany since the Kaiser's days.
Not all high schools in Germany require their students to own and read Putzger, as there are similar atlases offered by other publishers, none of these have the tradition of Putzger.
Kinder, Hilgemann, The Penguin Atlas of World History / The Anchor Atlas of World History. Original German title : dtv-Atlas zur Weltgeschichte, 1st edition 1964, latest German language edition 2006. Pocket book format; most editions published in two volumes. Penguins published the English translation for the UK, Anchor for the U.S. This book will be treated as representative for German historiography
Times Atlas of World History Wikipedia article (English edition), 1st edition 1978, 8th edition 2010; UK. Very heavy.
Hammond Concise Atlas of World History ed. G. Barralough [1982 as Times Atlas of WH] [1986] 5th ed. 1998 [UK]
Hammond Historical Atlas of the World 1987 [US]

Der grosse Ploetz Wikipedia article (English edition); named after Karl Julius Ploetz, it is a compendium of dates significant to world history. First edition 1863, most recent edition 2008. "world" does not appear in the title of most editions, but the book coveres the globe.

Propyläen Weltgeschichte (D) Wikipedia article, German edition 10 volumes 1929-1933, 11 volumes (in two half-volumes each) 3rd ed. 1960-1965
Fischer Weltgeschichte (D) Wikipedia article, German edition 1st ed. 1965-1983, 36 volumes; Neue Fischer Weltgeschichte, 21 volumes, 2012-
New Cambridge Modern History (UK)

J. Roach, A Bibliography of Modern History, 1968 (UK)
International Bibliography of Historical Sciences, we have the volumes on 1985, 1995, 1996, 2001 (D)

National Perspectives on World History Project Topics

(1)      Too Comfortable in Class      The treatment of foreign names of places and persons in British, German, Korean and U.S. history books
(1a)      Gentleman Prisoner      National differences in the naming of areas in East-Asia throughout history+analysis of political trend (comparison Japan, China, Korea)
(2)           The development of German compendia on World History
(3)           The development of British compendia on World History
(4)      Highwayman      The development of U.S. high school textbooks on world history
(5)      So Mean      A comparative analysis of British, German, Korean and U.S. historical atlases
(6)      Jailbird      World History Bibliographies
(7)      Latin America Enthusiast      Periodization in World History
(8)      Hänsel      Problematic Terminology in World History
(9)      Salon Hostess      The definition of "History" in World History
(10)           Contentious Issues in World History
(11)           The Treatment of Central Asia in World History
(12)      SuA      The Treatment of North Asia in World History
(13)           The Treatment of the Pacific Islands (Oceania) in World History
(14)           The Treatment of the Indian Ocean in World History
(15)           The Neolithic in World History
(16)           The Bronze Age in World History
(17)           Auxiliary Science ? Archaeology
(18)           And here comes Big History
(19)           And what about Political Correctness

(20)      Hänsel      "History's Widening Horizon : The Inclusion of Environmental History."
(21)      Salon Hostess      The Transition from Mythology to History : Old Testament, Saxo Grammaticus, Geoffrey of Monmouth, Livy
(22)      Latin America Enthusiast      The changes of the perspectives on "Native Americans" in Latin American official (governmental) views of history
(23)      SuA      Image Representation of Horseback Archery

List of primary sources to be completed.

For the second presentation topic, students may choose any topic on earlier historiography topic lists which was not yet posted.
Historiography Seminar 2008
Historiography Seminar Spring 2010
Historiography Seminar Fall 2010
Historiography Seminar 2012
or suggest a topic of their own

Every topic only once; first email first choice.

         January 8th 2014          Alexander Ganse

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