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Outstanding Papers of Fall 2011 :

Overall Best Paper :

14th waver You, In Sun, The Contribution of British Entrepreneurs to the Industrial Revolution on the European Continent

14th waver You, In Sun wrote this research paper in his senior year; he took Mr. Ganse's class for 6 semesters in a row.
You In Sun, whose main interest lay in the natural sciences and engineering, formulated hios own research topic. The paper convinces by the simplicity of its approach and the clarity of its result. Based on the biographies of 11 Britons who contributed to spreading the Industrial Revolution to the European continent, those who did before 1800 emigrated because of domestic British reasons; those who did so after 1800 because of the lure of the European market.

14th waver Kim, Min Ju, The Gender Issue in the Modern History of Turkey : The Discrepancy between modernization of legal institutions and social customs

Kim Min Ju wrote this research paper in her senior year; she took Mr. Ganse's history class for 3 semesters in a row.
When she picked her topic, the author had been given the following aid : WHKMLA country index page Turkey. Her motivation was to examine the situation of women in the society of modernizing countries. Firstr contemplating a comparison of Malaysia or Singapore and Turkey, after having watched documentaries on honour killing, she narrowed her focus on Turkey alone. During her summer vacation she traveled to Turkey. With strong focus and efficiency, she completed a concise and original analysis.

Best Paper of a Student New to Mr. Ganse's History Class :

16th waver Kim, Seohee, Waves of Anti-Semitism and their Consequences in Late Medieval Castile

Kim, Seohee wrote this paper while taking Mr. Ganse's history class for the 2nd semester in a row.
In context with the NHD theme Revolution, Reaction, Reform she chose an original topic; using the sources listed on WHKMLA country page Castile she established solid understanding of the flow of events and arrived at an independent analysis.

Further Outstanding Papers (in alphabetical order, by author) :

14th waver Jung, Changwoo, A Comparison of the Mining and Metallurgic Industry in Germany, Japan, Russia, the U.S, and Chile 1850-1950

Jung, Changwoo first was confronted with the task of composing a history presentation when attending a GLPS camp. While attending KMLA, he took Mr. Ganse's history class for 3 years; this is his research paper, written in his senior year.
Having been educated in Korean schools, the challenge of having to write his own papers, was both fascinating and difficult to him. Basing his paper on B.R. Mitchell's International Historical Statistics (3 volumes), he selected 5 countries with a major mining industry, spread over 4 continents, and compared them. A solid analysis.

14th waver Lee, Jaehyun, The European Struggle for the Nile Valley and the Motives and Factors Behind the British Decision to Invade the Sudan

his 6th history paper. Lee, Jaehyun in his analysis juxtaposes the positions and attempts of the many colonial powers involved in the Sudan at the end of the 19th century. While a rich literature on the topic exists, most publications emphasize the role the British played, downplay some and omit others. His paper was published in a foreign journal for high school students' papers.

15th waver Myeong, Do Hyeong, History of Oral Literature and its Codification: Textualization of Epics and Legends in their Historical Context

Myeong, Do Hyeong wrote this paper while taking Mr. Ganse's history class for the 4th semester in a row.
The author composed a solid independent overview and analysis of the chosen topic. The only flaw : in her own words, it was incomplete; due to the lack of time, she focused on epics and legends, leaving out religious, legal and other texts. Myeong, Do Hyeong wants to base her papers on proper, solid research, she does not want to cut corners just to meet a deadline.

15th waver Na, Kunho, A World History of Religious Synchretism (1450-1750)

Na, Kunho wrote this paper while taking Mr. Ganse's history class for the 4th semester in a row.
When Na, Kunho Entered KMLA, his comparatively poor English proficiency was a handicap. His great curiosity in social history, linguistics and his sustained effort helped him acquire expertise. Na, Kunho's paper on Religious Synchreticism provides an overview of South Asian, Southeast Asian, Mesoamerican and South American examples. It convinces by originality and independence.

Further Posted Papers (in alphabetical order, by author) :

14th waver Ha, Sumin, Social Unrest and Urbanization in India, Indonesia and South Korea, 1940s to 1960s her 3rd history paper. The author has a peculiar talent of formulating topics worthy of a research project. She selected the countries she wanted to compare and found her own sources. The paper as posted underwent a revision.

14th waver Park, Hyun, The 1956 Hungarian Revolution and the Western Intervention: Expectations and Reality her 6th history paper; a topic of her choice (on which a rich literature exists), based on primary and secondary sources. In the process, she developed solid understanding of the topic. The topic chosen and the primary sources available did not permit a degree of originality compatible to the other papers introduced on this page.

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