The North-South Divide and Margaret Thatcher, by Kim, Changhyun, Dec 2005


1. Introduction
2. The Historic Gap between the North and the South
3. Expansion of Regional Policy
4. Margaret Thatcher and Regional Policy
5. The Decline of Manufacturing
6. The Rise of the Service Sector
7. Statistics of the Divide

I used the following sources in addition to the sources I used for Thatcherism

North-South Divide in the United Kingdom, from Wikipedia
Economic Geography of the United Kingdom, from Wikipedia
REFERENCE The following books were used in addition to the books I used for Thatcherism

Smith, North and South: Britain's Economic Social and Political Divide, Penguin Books, 1994, 375 pages
Harrison and Hart, Spatial Policy in a Divided Nation, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 1993, 304 pages
Cairncross, The British Economy Since 1945, Blackwell Publishers, 1994, 338 pages

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