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Kim Hyun Ho - The Modernization of a City - Cairo

Kim Hyun Ho has spent several years of his young life in Cairo, and when I put this topic on a list of monthly assignments, obviously I had him in mind. This paper, in contrast to most other papers posted under "students papers", is one written within a scope of about one month, and later revised.
Therefore, Hyun Ho was limited to the information he could access on the internet and in our library. He did not have the time to do bibliographic research and order the (seemingly) most relevant titles from antiquarian bookstores over the internet.

Hyun Ho made extensive use of his personal experience, which is of course what I intended him to do when I listed the assignment topic in the first place. He heavily emphasized the development in Cairo's wedding industry, as weddings have left a lasting impression in his memory.
I criticized his first draft - which entirely focussed on the wedding industry - as missing the topic. The paper posted here describes the development of Cairo and contains the paper on the wedding industry as a (comparatively oversized) chapter.

Hyun Ho's paper on the Modernization of Cairo, 30 pages in length, is the most voluminous monthly assignment handed in to me in 8 years of teaching at KMLA. It contains a wealth of information, predominantly based on his personal experience, for which reasons I suggested to him to post it here.
The paper is a high school student's assignment, and as such, an excellent one. It is not a research paper.

December 20th 2005

Alexander Ganse

Kim Hyun Ho Modernization of a City : Cairo

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