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Suh Jung Kyu - An Analysis of U.S. Diplomacy in the Era of President Nixon's Detente. A Case Study of Chile and South Korea

Suh Jungkyu is a student passionate about history, who loves to engage in debates on politics and history. He tends to choose challenging topics, prefers the field of diplomatic history.
For his research project he chose to compare the events in Chile (coup d'etat 1973) and South Korea (assassination of President Park 1979, coup d'etat 1980) in the context of international diplomacy. He spend considerable effort on obtaining literature; as both events are rather recent, much documentation in archives is not yet accessible to the public, and hence not yet analyzed by historians in secondary sources. Jungkyu contacted scholars who have published in the field in order to find information and get advice. Another phenomenon he encountered was that the interpretations he found in books covered a considerable range, again at least partially due to the fact that much documentation is not yet accessible. Jungkyu and I often discussed the matter, him telling me that he found another angle at which one of the two cases could be seen.
Jungkyu's research paper is compatible to a third year college presentation; it would provide the foundation for an academic discussion. In order to reach a higher level, Jungkyu would have to include Spanish language sources (for Chile) and access primary sources; both can not be done at high school level. During his research, Jungkyu has shown the maturity, curiosity, an extraordinary stamina and passion for history which qualifies him to study the subject at college.

November 4th 2006

Alexander Ganse

Suh Jung Kyu An Analysis of U.S. Diplomacy in the Era of President Nixon's Detente - A Case Study of Chile and South Korea

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