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Lee Min Ju - The Modernization of a City - Beijing

Lee Min Ju has lived in Hong Kong for several years and can read Chinese fairly well; she has a good understanding of Chinese culture and history. When I put the topic "Modernization of a City - Beijing" on a list of monthly assignments, of course I had her in mind.
In contrast to most papers posted here, this is not a research paper. Min Ju had to do with her personal experience and with information readily available to her, i.e. what as available in our library and on the internet.
As her paper goes beyond what can be expected from normal assignments, I have asked her to post it here. She divided the paper in a history of urban China in general and of Beijing in particular; the paper meets the standards of an encyclopedia, as it is concise and well-organized.

If this were a research topic, I would have expected her to do bibliographic research and even would have suggested her to travel to Beijing to obtain first-hand impressions and information materials. As a monthly assignment, however, Min Ju's paper satisfies in every aspect.

December 20th 2005

Alexander Ganse

Lee Min Ju Modernization of a City : Beijing

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