1 Introduction

2.1 Introduction to Volk und Führer

2.2 Henry the Great founds the First German People’s State

2.3 Otto the Great, the first German Emperor

2.4 The Pope Prepares to Fight

2.5 The Jews

3.1 Introduction to Lehrbuch für den Geschichtsunterricht II

3.2 Henry I and Otto I

3.3 The Policy of Conquest in the era of the Saxon Emperor

3.4 The Struggle of the Church against Secular Feudal Power

3.5 The Feudal Lords Oppress the People with the Help of their Ministeriales

3.6 Class Strife in German Cities

3.7 Summary of Analysis

4.1 Introduction to Geschichte 9

4.2 The February Revolution in Russia

4.3 The Transition from the Civil-Democratic to the Socialistic Revolution

4.4 The Fight over Soviet Power

4.5 Special Note: Stalin

5.1 Comparison of Two Books: introduction

5.2 Selection of Material in Text

5.3 Treatment of Selected Topics

5.4 Literary Style

6 Conclusion


Appendix I

Appendix II