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Source Bases : C.H. Green, Historical Register

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WHKMLA, 2010

vol.1 : 1716 GB vol.11 : 1726 GB, IA vol.21 : 1736 GB
vol.2 : 1717 GB vol.12 : 1727 GB, IA vol.22 : 1737 GB
vol.3 : 1718 IA vol.13 : 1728 GB vol.23 : 1738 GB
vol.4 : 1719 GB, IA vol.14 : 1729 GB vol.24 :
vol.5 : vol.15 : 1730 GB vol.25 :
vol.6 : 1721 GB vol.16 : 1731 GB vol.26 :
vol.7 : 1722 GB vol.17 : 1732 GB, IA vol.27 :
vol.8 : 1723 IA vol.18 : 1733 GB vol.28 :
vol.9 : 1724 GB, IA vol.19 : 1734 GB, GB vol.29 :
vol.10 : 1725 GB vol.20 : 1735 GB vol.30 :
Desiderata : Vol,5

1716 I-IV GB January-March . April-June . July-September . October-December
. Januari-March The War between the Turks and the Venetians p.1, The War in Pomerania, between the Kings of Sweden, Denmark, Prussia etc. p.8, A Manifesto containing the Reasons which have oblig'd his Majesty the King of Great Britain, as Elector of Brunswick and Lunenburg, to enter into a war against the Crown of Sweden p.15, Poland p.18, Manifesto published by the Marshall of the Confederated Crown Army of Poland p.19, Moscovy p.22, Sweden and Denmark p.23, Advices from the Empire p.24, Italy : Rome p.27, Venice p.28, Genoa p.29, Turin p.30, Naples p.30, Spain p.31, Portugal p.34, France p.35, Holland and the Netherlands p.51, Ireland p.63, Great Britain p.95, A Chronological Abstract of the most memorable Occurrences and Events, as well domestick as foreign, viz. Promotions, Births, Deaths, Marriages &c., that happened in the Months January, February and March, in the Year 1716 p.111
. April-June Great Britain p.121, The Rebellion in Scotland p.121, The Answer of James Earl of Derwentwater, to the Articles of Impeachment of High Treason exhibited against him by the honourable the Knights, Citizens and Burgesses of Great Britain in Parliament assembled p.167, Spain p.205, Italy p.209, Rome p.209, Lucca p.211, Venice p.212, Poland p.212, The Chronological Abstract &c., continued to June 14, 1716
. July-September Great Britain p.229, The Proceedings of Parliament p.229, A Journal of the Proceedings of Parliament against the Earl of Winston p.231, To the Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament asselbled p.232, The Answer of George Earl of Wintoun p.233, An Act for enlarging the Time for Continuance of Parliaments p.276, Scotland p.291, Ireland p.297, France p.310, Holland and the Netherlands p.331, Germany p.341, The Chronological Abstract, &c, continued p.349
. October-December Great Britain p.363, Continuation of the Campaign in Hungary p.405, (pp.410-509 missing - mistake in pahe numbering) Continuation of the War between the Turks and the Venetians p.510, The Affairs of Poland p.516, Continuation of the War between Sweden and Denmark p.522, Spain p.534, Holland and the Netherlands p.535, France p.537, The Chronological Extract &c. continued p.543

1717 V-VIII GB January-March . April-June . July-September . October-December
. Januari-March Great Britain p.1, West Indies p.76, Jamaica p.78, Turky p.81, Germany p.86, Hanover p.89, Holland p.90
. April-June Great Britain p.95, Scotland p.184, Foreign Affairs p.187, Genoa p.187, Holland p.189
. July-September Great Britain p.203, Ireland p.263, Continuation of the War between the Emperor and the Turks, or a Relation of the Campaign in Hungary p.271, Articles of Capitulation granted to the Garrison and Inhabitants of Belgrade p.277, Italy p.283, France p.289, Holland p.292
. October-December Great Britain p.299, Italy p.347, Bologna p.347, Sardinia p.354, Continuation of the War between the Venetians and the Turks p.375, Continuation of the War between the Imperialists and the Turks p.377, Ireland p.380, Proceedings of the Parliament of Great Britain p.398, Table to the Second Volume p.403

1719 XIII-XVI GB, IA January-March . April-June . July-September . October-December
. Januari-March France p.1, Sweden p.32, Holland p.37, Spain p.41, Ireland p.44, Great Britain p.46
. April-June Great Britain p.113, Sweden p.167, Holland p.178, France p.184, The War between France and Spain p.186, Spain p.187, Italy p.188, Rome p.188, Naples and Sicily p.190, Geneva p.191, Scotland p.192
. July-September Sweden p.197, Courland p.210, Petersbourg, of the Court of the Czar of Muscovy p.229, Germany p.241, Holland p.250. France p.254, Italy p.268, Sicily p.268, Great Britain p.279, Jamaica p.286, Mussachusets Bay p.288
. October-December Ireland p.297, Sweden, Muscovy etc. p.329, Germany p.354, Italy p.371, Sicily p.371, Holland p.374, Great Britain p.383
The Table to the 4th Volume

1721 XXI-XXiV GB, IA January-March . April-June . July-September . October-December
. Januari-March Spain p.1, Great Britain p.11, Ireland p.85,
. April-June Great Britain p.93, Rome p.126, New England p.151, Great Britain p.170,
. July-September Great Britain : Scotland p.181, Jamaica p.246,
. October-December Great Britain p.269, Ireland p.336, Index p.349

1722 XXV-XXVIII GB, IA January-March . April-June . July-September . October-December
. Januari-March Great Britain p.1, Ireland p.48, Addenda p.74
. April-June Great Britain p.81,
. July-September Petersbourg p.169, Rome p.181, Tuscany p.213, Switzerland p.233, Scotland p.243, The House of Lords p.245,
. October-December Rome p.265, Malta p.300, Venice p.304, Rome p.309, Great Britain p.312, Chronological Diary after p.356

BOLOGNA 1717 IV pp.347-354 (Oct.-Dec.)
COURLAND 1719 III pp.210-229 (Jul.-Sep.)
DENMARK 1716 I pp.8-15, 23-24 (Jan.-Mar.), IV pp.522-534 (Oct.-Dec.)
THE EMPIRE 1716 I pp.24-27 (Jan.-Mar.)
1717 III pp.271-283 (Jul.-Sep.), IV pp.377-380 (Oct.-Dec.)
FRANCE 1716 I pp.35-51 (Jan.-Mar.), III pp.310-331 (Jul.-Sep.), IV pp.537-543 (Oct.-Dec.)
1717 III pp.289-292 (Jul.-Sep.), IV pp.522-534 (Oct.-Dec.)
1719 I pp.1-32 (Jan.-Mar.), II pp.184-187 (Apr.-Jun.), III pp.254-268 (Jul.-Sep.)
GENEVA 1719 II pp.191-192 (Apr.-Jun.)
GENOA 1716 I pp.29-30 (Jan.-Mar.)
1717 II pp.187-189 (Apr.-Jun.)
GERMANY 1717 I pp.86-89 (Jan.-Mar.)
1719 III pp.241-250 (Jul.-Sep.), IV pp.354-371 (Oct.-Dec.)
GREAT BRITAIN 1716 I pp.15-18, 95-111 (Jan.-Mar.), II pp.121-205 (Apr.-Jun.), III pp.229-291 (Jul.-Sep.), IV pp.522-534 (Oct.-Dec.)
1717 I pp.1-76 (Jan.-Mar.), II pp.95-184 (Apr.-Jun.), III pp.203-263 (Jul.-Sep.), IV pp.299-347, 398-403 (Oct.-Dec.)
1719 I pp.46-113 (Jan.-Mar.), II pp.113-167 (Apr.-Jun.), III pp.279-297 (Jul.-Sep.), IV pp.383- (Oct.-Dec.)
1721 XXI pp.11-84 (Jan.-Mar.), XXII pp.93-125, 170-180 (Apr.-Jun.), XXIII pp.181-245 (Jul.-Sep.), XXIV pp.269-335 (Oct.-Dec.)
1722 XXV pp.1-47 (Jan.-Mar.), XXVI pp.81-168 (Apr.-Jun.), XXVII pp.245-264 (Jul.-Sep.), XXVIII pp.312-356(Oct.-Dec.)
HANOVER 1716 I pp.89-90 (Jan.-Mar.)
HOLLAND & NETHERLANDS 1716 I pp.51-63 (Jan.-Mar.), III pp.331-341 (Jul.-Sep.), IV pp.535-537 (Oct.-Dec.)
1717 I pp.90 (Jan.-Mar.), II pp.189-202 (Apr.-Jun.), III pp.292-299 (Jul.-Sep.)
1719 I pp.37-41 (Jan.-Mar.), II pp.178-184 (Apr.-Jun.), III pp.250-254 (Jul.-Sep.), IV pp.374-383 (Oct.-Dec.)
HUNGARY 1716 IV pp.405-510 (Oct.-Dec.)
1717 III pp.271-283 (Jul.-Sep.)
IRELAND 1716 I pp.63-95 (Jan.-Mar.), III pp.297-310 (Jul.-Sep.)
1717 III pp.263-271 (Jul.-Sep.), IV pp.380-398 (Oct.-Dec.)
1719 I pp.44-46 (Jan.-Mar.), IV pp.297-329 (Oct.-Dec.)
1721 XXI pp.85-92 (Jan.-Mar.), XXIV pp.336-348 (Oct.-Dec.)
1722 XXV pp.48-73 (Jan.-Mar.)
ITALY 1716 I pp.27- (Jan.-Mar.), II pp.209- (Apr.-Jun.)
1717 III pp.283-289 (Jul.-Sep.), IV p.347 (Oct.-Dec.)
1719 II p.188 (Apr.-Jun.), III p.268 (Jul.-Sep.), IV p.371 (Oct.-Dec.)
JAMAICA 1717 I pp.78-81 (Jan.-Mar.)
1719 III pp.286-288 (Jul.-Sep.)
1721 XXIII pp.246-268 (Jul.-Sep.)
LUCCA 1716 II pp.211-212 (Apr.-Jun.)
MALTA 1722 XXVIII pp.300-303(Oct.-Dec.)
MUSCOVY 1716 I pp.22-23 (Jan.-Mar.)
1719 III pp.229-241 (Jul.-Sep.), IV pp.329-254 (Oct.-Dec.)
MUSSACHUSETS BAY 1719 III pp.288- (Jul.-Sep.)
NAPLES 1716 I pp.30-31 (Jan.-Mar.)
1719 II pp.190-191 (Apr.-Jun.)
NEW ENGLAND 1721 XXII pp.151-169 (Apr.-Jun.)
PETERSBOURG 1722 XXVII pp.169-180 (Jul.-Sep.)
POLAND 1716 I pp.19-22 (Jan.-Mar.), II p.212- (Apr.-Jun.), IV pp.516-522 (Oct.-Dec.)
POMERANIA 1716 I pp.8-15 (Jan.-Mar.)
PORTUGAL 1716 I pp.34-35 (Jan.-Mar.)
ROME 1716 I pp.27-28 (Jan.-Mar.), II pp.209-211 (Apr.-Jun.)
1719 II pp.188-190 (Apr.-Jun.)
1721 XXII pp.126-151 (Apr.-Jun.)
1722 XXVII pp.181-212 (Jul.-Sep.), XXVIII pp.265-299, 309-311 (Oct.-Dec.)
SARDINIA 1717 IV pp.354-375 (Oct.-Dec.)
SCOTLAND 1716 II pp.121-167 (Apr.-Jun.), III pp.291-297 (Jul.-Sep.)
1717 II pp.184-187 (Apr.-Jun.)
1719 II pp.192-197 (Apr.-Jun.)
1722 XXVII pp.243-245 (Jul.-Sep.)
SICILY 1719 II pp.190-191 (Apr.-Jun.), III pp.268-279 (Jul.-Sep.), IV pp.371-374 (Oct.-Dec.)
SPAIN 1716 I pp.31-34 (Jan.-Mar.), II pp.205-209 (Apr.-Jun.), IV pp.534-535 (Oct.-Dec.)
1719 I pp.41-44 (Jan.-Mar.), II pp.186-188 (Apr.-Jun.)
1721 XXI pp.1-10 (Jan.-Mar. 1721)
SWEDEN 1716 I pp.8-18, 23-24 (Jan.-Mar.), IV pp.522-534 (Oct.-Dec.)
1719 III pp.233-242 (Jul.-Sep.)
SWITZERLAND 1722 XXV pp.1-47 (Jan.-Mar.), XXVI pp.81-168 (Apr.-Jun.), XXVII pp.245-264 (Jul.-Sep.), XXVIII pp.312-356(Oct.-Dec.)
TURIN 1716 I p.30 (Jan.-Mar.)
TURKEY 1716 I pp.1-8 (Jan.-Mar.), IV pp.510-516 (Oct.-Dec.),
1717 I pp.81-86 (Jan.-Mar.), III pp.271-283 (Jul.-Sep.), IV pp.375-380 (Oct.-Dec.)
TUSCANY 1722 XXVII pp.213-232 (Jul.-Sep.)
VENICE 1716 I pp.1-8, 28-29 (Jan.-Mar.), II p.222 (Apr.-Jun.), IV pp.510-516 (Oct.-Dec.),
1722 XXVIII pp.304-308 (Oct.-Dec.)
WEST INDIES 1717 I pp.76-78 (Jan.-Mar.)

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