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Source Bases

Korean Minjok Leadership Academy
WHKMLA, 2010-2012

Access : Digital Libraries by Country

General Reference : Bibliographies on the Subject of History, Online Catalogues of Oriental Manuscripts, Codices, Early Prints
General Reference : Compilations of Biographies
General Reference : Academic Journals
General Reference : Serial Publications

Primary Sources : Historical Media : Official Gazettes, Digital Hemerotecas (Digital Libraries of Historical Newspapers), Newsreels
Primary Sources : Image Databases, Maps, Statistical Data
Primary Sources : Protocols of Sessions of Parliaments

Encyclopedic Literature : General . on Religion . on Economy . on Geography . on History
Treaties : Treaty Collections, General . Treaty Collections by Country
Newspapers, Magazines . . 17th to 19th Century Quarterly Newspapers organized by Month (Mercuries), . Magazines
Online Yearbooks and Mercuries
State Almanacks (Staatskalender)
Laws / Law Collections / Law Codes
Old Atlasses

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