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Graduates of 2008 - 10th Wave : Research Papers

The Teacher The Analysis of the Polito-Economic History post WW II of six Asian Entitiess : Goa, East Timor, Nepal, South Vietnam, the Philippines, South Korea Winter 2008

Sim, Chi Kyu A Comparison of the Economic Development of the Republic of Korea and the Philippines since Independence Winter 2008 Teacher's Comment
Kee, Yeji The Historical Background for the 'Comfort Women' System. The Background in the Japanese Empire and in Colonized Joseon (Korea) Winter 2008 Teacher's Comment
Han, Changhee The Greek Civil War Winter 2007 Teacher's Comment
Kim, Kyun The Image of Cesare Borgia in Historiography Winter 2007 Teacher's Comment
Kim, Youngmin The South Vietnamese Economy during the Vietnam War, 1954-1975 Fall 2007 Teacher's Comment
Woo, Na Young A Historical Summary of Berlin's Architectural Controversy Fall 2007 Teacher's Comment
Roh, Yong Ho The Rise of the Ruhr Area, Germany's Industrial Heartland, in the 19th Century Fall 2007 Teacher's Comment
Choi, Eunsol The History of Kazakhstan as Reflected in the New York Times, 1920-1969 Fall 2007 Teacher's Comment
Yang, Eunmo Modernization of Nepal under the Shah Dynasty, 1951-1991 Fall 2007 Teacher's Comment
Kim, Shin Early Years of the Little Ice Age in Northern Europe, 1300-1500 Fall 2007 Teacher's Comment
Yea, Chang Whan The Reception of Darwinism and the Concept of Evolution by the Religious Community in the English-Speaking World, 1859-1930 Fall 2007 Teacher's Comment
Baik, Seungmin History of the Sakhalin Koreans Summer 2007 Teacher's Comment

Graduates of 2008 - 10th Wave : Term Papers

Park, Jinyoung The Women's Peace Movement and Feminism in WW I November 2007
Kim, Kyun Urban Terrorism in Italy 1969-1980 May 2007
Park, Sae Wok History of Spas and Bathing from the 16th to the 19th Century May 2007
Roh, Yong Ho The Impact of the Marshall Plan on the United Kingdom, 1947-1951 May 2007
Oh, Jinseok Spain and World War I, 1914-1918 April 2007
Choi, Eunsol The Irish Free State, 1921-1937 April 2007
Sim, Chi-Kyu Sweden and World War I, 1914-1918 April 2007
Kim, Shin History of the Spanish Falange, 1933-1939 April 2007
Cha, Sowan Nihilism in Russia, 1860-1881 March 2007 Teacher's Comment
Woo, Na Young The Papal State and Vatican City, 1840-1929 February 2007
Woo, Na Young The Odyssey and the Aeneid and the Growing Influence of Women behind the Heroes September 2005
Chung, Habin The Struggle of Women to Get into Cambridge University November 2006
Chung, Habin The Political System of a Crusader State : The Kingdom of Jerusalem June 2006
Chung, Habin Economic Factors in Chinese Rebellions of the 19th Century November 2005
Kim, Gi Yoon Korean Miners in West Germany, 1963-1978 November 2006 Teacher's Comment
Pyo, Jun Beom Korean Immigrants in Mexico - "Aenikkaengs" November 2006

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