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Fall/Spring - Research Papers, for which the students had 6 to 18 months;
Month - Term Papers, for which the students were given one month

Prospective Graduates of 2013 - 15th Wave

Ongoing Research Projects, 15th Wave
Potential Research Paper Topics, 15th Wave

Term Paper Topics, 15th Wave : History of Historiography, July 2012

Term Paper Topics, 15th Wave : AP World, Mar. 2012

Term Paper Topics, 15th Wave : AP World, Sept. 2011

Term Paper Topics, 15th Wave : AP Euro, Feb. 2011

Term Paper Topics, 15th Wave : AP Euro, Sept. 2010

Term Paper Topics, 15th Wave : History of the Middle Ages, Mar. 2010

Lee, Hwee Jun Zoroastrianism-Related Archaeology July 2012
Cho, Hwi Gue Methods and Results of Communication in First Time Encounters : the Cases of da Gama, Columbus, Magellan, Cortes, and Pizarro July 2012
Park, Joo Won Management of Nuclear Power in History October 2012
Kim, Doyeong Alexandria : A Center of Interregional Trade and Host to Foreign Merchants July 2012
Na, Kunho A World History of Religious Synchretism (1450-1750) December 2011
Kang, Su Yeon Mughal Historiography June 2012
Kang, Su Yeon Out of Africa. The Peopling of the Planet Dec. 2011
Yoon, Seong Heon Contemporary Christian, Muslim and Jewish Views on and Reactions to Islamic Spain and the Reconquista (c.700 CE - c.1500 CE) June 2012
Yoon, Seong Heon From Castile and Aragon to Spain, An Economic History of the Iberian Peninsula in the 15th and 16th Century June 2011
Jeon, Hyeong Mi Analysis of Ethnological Encyclopedias, based on the Example of the Ladrone islands (Marianas) July 2010
Park, Mi So The Statesman's Yearbook and Other Yearbooks as Historical Sources July 2010
Kim, Yerin Cookbooks as a Historical Source July 2010
Cho, Naan Comparative Culinary History : Italy and Spain June 2011
Cho, Naan MacMillan's Memoir "Riding the Storm, 1956-1959" : A Critical Analysis December 2010
Cho, Naan The Cinematic Portrayal of Scottish Hero William Wallace in 'Braveheart', "William Wallace' and 'A Scottish History' June 2010
Myeong, Do Hyeong The Clash of Cultures in Malabar : Encounters, Conflict and Interaction with European Culture, 1498-1947 July 2012
Myeong, Do Hyeong History of Oral Literature and its Codification: Textualization of Epics and Legends in their Historical Context December 2011
Myeong, Do Hyeong Margaret Thatcher : The Downing Street Years (1993)
A Juxtaposition of Margaret Thatcher's Account of her Policies and their Impact with that of her Critics
December 2010
Myeong, Do Hyeong Travelling in the Middle Ages : Cinematic Portrayal and Historic Reality June 2010

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