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Research Seminar History

Fall/Spring - Research Papers, for which the students had 6 to 18 months;
Month - Term Papers, for which the students were given one month

Graduates of 2007 - 9th Wave

Lee, Seong Min ASEAN : Brief History and Its Problems Fall 2006
Yu, Jeeyoon African Decolonization and Cold War Politics in the United Nations. The Soviet Union and the Case of Libya 1947-1951 Fall 2006
Lee, Yong Ik Korean Society depicted in its Folklore - Goryeo and Joseon Period Fall 2006 Teacher's Comment
Choi, Hena Comparison between Economic Changes in Czechoslovakia and in Bulgaria Coming with the Collapse of Communism Fall 2006 Teacher's Comment
Park, Hyeongsu Mithraism in the Roman Empire Fall 2006 Teacher's Comment
Ko, Jihoon The Economic Impact the Islamic World Had on Christian Europe (11th-14th Centuries) Fall 2006 Teacher's Comment
Lee, Woo Chan History of the Hare Krishna Movement. A Comprehensive Study on the Movement's Roots as a Legitimate Religious System, and on the Post-Samadhi Phase of Development Fall 2006 Teacher's Comment
Cheong, Purun Goa and East Timor. A comparison of the history of two former Portuguese colonies Fall 2006 Teacher's Comment
Koo, Hye Min Evolution of Film Propaganda Throughout World War II. How was the cinema regulated and/or freely used to affect the people's attitudes toward the war ? Fall 2006 Teacher's Comment
Suh, Jung Kyu The Effects and Origins of British Foreign Policy between the World Wars : An Analysis of the Appeasement Fall 2006
Suh, Jung Kyu An Analysis of the U.S. Diplomacy in the Era of President Nixon's Detente.
A Case Study of Chile and South Korea
Spring 2006 Teacher's Comment
Shin, Hi Jung Foreign Perspectives on Joseon Religion and Women 1876-1905 Spring 2006 Teacher's Comment

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