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Kim, Jinseo - The Jeju Anti-Guerilla Campaign. The Red Hunt 1948-1950

Jinseo's research paper was the first one in the field of history at KMLA. Originally she wrote it in Korean language, under the guidance of her Korean history teacher. For her presentation and paper, within KMLA she received an award. She had published it in both Korean and English translation, in form of a brochure.
I only became involved when she had received her award and the brochure had been printed. The English language text was in perfect spelling, grammjatically correct - and still completely incomprehensible. It was full of expressions I described as insider language (examples : 4-3 Event; Red Hunt), which were direct translations of Korean language historical terms. Dates were usually given without the year when they happened (which seems to be customary among Korean historians). Furthermore, the paper was written in form of a diary, containing a hodgpodge of factual description, analysis and a personal diary (she had visited the island and interviewed persons who had lived through the event).
Thus I suggested her to separate timeline, historical description and analysis, to add a glossary, and to post her paper on the web. As a result, the English version of her paper now is no longer incomprehensible.

Kim Jinseo presently studies at Yale.

December 23rd 2006

Alexander Ganse

Choi, Hena The Jeju Anti-Guerilla Campaign. The Red Hunt 1948-1950

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