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Typology of Research Papers

A : Primary Source Based
Statistical Data Movies Hist. Newspapers Newsreels School Textbooks
Folktales Hist. Travelogues Hist. Cookbooks Hist. Encyclopedias Hist. Correspondence
Hist. Yearbooks History Documentaries Mail Order Catalogues Politicians' Memoirs, Visions Biographies
Constitutions, Laws Chronicles, Annals Oral Literature Various Types
B : Secondary Source Based
Establishing Overview sources in English sources in Korean sources in other lang. Comparison
Contradicting Est. Interpretations
C : Definition Centered
D : Field Study Based
E : Where Sources Fail
Quantitative Approach Qualitative Approach
F : Critical Book Review

A.) Primary Source Based Research
Sorted by Main Primary Source

I. Statistical Data

Year Name Title
2007 Kim Youngmin The South Vietnamese Economy During the Vietnam War, 1954-1975
2011 Jung, Changwoo A Comparison of the Mining and Metallurgic Industry in Germany, Japan, Russia, the U.S, and Chile 1850-1950

II. Movies

Year Name Title
2005 Han Yuna An Inside Perspective : Cinematic Representation of the Soviet Society during the Thaw
2006 Koo Hyemin Evolution of Film Propaganda Throughout World War II
2010 Kim Hye In Husband Hunting in Hollywood Movies 1950-1965

III. Historical Newspapers

Year Name Title
2007 Choi Eunsol The History of Kazakhstan as Reflected in the New York Times, 1920-1969
2009 Kim Hyun Kyu The Historical Development of Aerial Bombardment from Guernica (1937) to Dresden (1945)
2010 Park Keun Woong Chiang Kai-shek 1945-1949 as Reflected in the New York Times

IV. Newsreels

Year Name Title

V. School Textbooks

Year Name Title
2005 Hong Sang Bin How ideology influenced history textbooks in Nazi Germany and in the German Democratic Republic
2005 Hong Ja Bin A Study on the Presentation of Selected Topics from Galletti's Textbook for Classes in History published in 1810
2009 Ryu Hyejin Nationalism and High School History Instruction : A Comparison of History Books from China, Korea and Japan
2010 Chae Seung Hoon Historiography of Singapore
2010 Song Jeeun A Dissection of the National Historiography of Kazakhstan

VI. Folktales

Year Name Title
2006 Lee Yong Ik Korean Society depicted in its Folklore - Goryeo and Joseon period

VII. Historical Travelogues

Year Name Title
2006 Shin Hijung Foreign Perspectives of Joseon Religion and Women from 1876 to 1905

VIII. Historical Cookbooks

Year Name Title
2009 Choi June Young The Introduction of Tropical Flavours into British Cuisine, 1850-1950

IX. Historical Encyclopedias
Encyclopedic Literature : General . on Religion . on Economy . on Geography . on History

Year Name Title
2009 Chung Sangyun Historic Encyclopedias on Darwinism
2010 Kim Jaehee The Encyclopaedia Britannica, the First and the 1997 Print Edition

X. Historical Correspondence

Year Name Title
2010 Nam Woo Chan The Impressionist Movement and Bohemians in 19th Century Paris

XI. Historical Yearbooks

Year Name Title
2006 Yu Jeeyeon African Decolonization and Cold War Politics in the United Nations. The Soviet Union and the Case of Libya (1947-1951)

XII. History Documentaries

Year Name Title

XIII. Mail Order Catalogues

Year Name Title

XIV. Politicians' Memoires/Visions

Year Name Title
2011 Ryu, Seung Hyun A Utopian Concept Becoming Political Reality: Richard Nikolaus Graf Coudenove Kalergi and the Paneuropa Movement from 1920 to 1950

XV. Biographies

Year Name Title
2011 You, In Sun The Contribution of British Entrepreneurs to the Industrial Revolution on the European Continent

XVI. Constitutions, Laws

Year Name Title
2011 Kim, Min Ju The Gender Issue in the Modern History of Turkey : The Discrepancy between modernization of legal institutions and social customs

XVII. Chronicles, Annals

Year Name Title
2012 Kang, Su Yeon Mughal Historiography

XVIII. Oral Literature

Year Name Title
2011 Myeong, Do Hyeong History of Oral Literature and its Codification The Textualization of Epics and Legends in their Historical Context

XIX. A Combination of Primary Sources of Various Types

Year Name Title
2012 Yoon, Seong Heon Contemporary Christian, Muslim and Jewish Views on and Reactions to Islamic Spain and the Reconquista
Year Name Title
2012 Cho, Hwi Gue Methods and Results of Communication in First Time Encounters : the Cases of da Gama, Columbus, Magellan, Cortes, and Pizarro

B.) Secondary Source Based Research

I. Establishing an Overview of what has been researched on one specific topic

I.a sources in English language

Year Name Title
2005 Kim Changhyun Thatcherism
2005 Kim Changhyun The North-South Divide and Margaret Thatcher
2006 Park Hyeongsu Mithraism in the Roman Empire
2006 Suh Jungkyu The Effects and Origins of British Foreign Policy between the World Wars: An Analysis of the Appeasement
2006 Lee Seong Min ASEAN: brief history and its problems
2007 Kim Shin Early Years of the Little Ice Age in Northern Europe, 1300-1500
2007 Yang Eunmo Modernization of Nepal under the Shah Dynasty, 1951-1991
2007 Yea, Chang hwan Reception of Darwinism and the Concept of Evolution by the Religious Community in the English-Speaking World 1859-1930
2007 Han Changhee The Greek Civil War
2009 Lim Seung Hwan Chinese Loans 1861-1911
2011 Lee, Jaehyun The European Struggle for the Nile Valley and the Motives and Factors Behind the British Decision to Invade the Sudan
2011 Park, Hyun The 1956 Hungarian Revolution and the Western Intervention: Expectations and Reality
2011 Kim, Doyeong Alexandria: A Center of Interregional Trade and Host to Foreign Merchants

I.b sources in Korean language

Year Name Title
2008 Lee Junoh History of Conflict Between Korean Oriental Medical Science and Western Medical Science
2008 Park Il Heon A Condensed Account of the History of Chinese and Korean Communism and the United States China Policy in the years 1921-1959

I.c. sources in a language/languages other than English and Korean

Year Name Title
2007 Lee, Joo Hyung Alsace-Lorraine 1871-1945
2010 Nam Sangjoon Japanese Economic History Prior to the Meiji Restoration

II. A Comparative Analysis

Year Name Title
2005 Kim Hyun Ho History of Economic Exchange between Saudi-Arabia and Korea, with Suggestions for Better Collaboration in the Future
2006 Cheong Purun Goa and East Timor : A comparison of the history of two former Portuguese colonies
2006 Suh Jungkyu An Analysis of the US Diplomacy in the Era of President Nixon's Detente : A Case Study of Chile and South Korea
2009 Lee Yeonhwa Comparative History of Education in West Africa (British) Gold Coast / Ghana and (French) Cote d'Ivoire
2011 Ha, Sumin Social Unrest and Urbanization in India, Indonesia and South Korea, 1940s to 1960s
2011 Cho, Naan A Comparative Historical Analysis of the Italian and Spanish Cuisine

III. Contradicting Established Interpretations

Year Name Title

C.) Research in which Definitions, not Primary or Secondary Sources, are Focussed on

Year Name Title
2007 Woo Na Young A Historical Summary of Berlin's Architectural Controversy
2008 Choi Jungyun The Political Structure of the Continuation of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
2012 Myeong, Do Hyeong The Clash of Cultures in Malabar
possible topic How Not to Write History : A Catalogue of Flaws of Pseudohistorical Literature

D.) Research based on a Study in the Field (visit Musea, interview Witnesses)

Year Name Title
2004 Kim Jinseo The Jeju Anti-Guerilla Campaign. The Red Hunt 1948-1950
2007 Kee, Yeji The Historical Background for the 'Comfort Women' System. The Background in the Japanese Empire and in Colonized Joseon (Korea)
2007 Baik, Sungmin History of the Sakhalin Koreans

E.) Where Sources Fail to Answer the Question

I. The Quantitative Approach

Year Name Title
EXAMPLE Try establish, by a combination of study of sources, and by estimation, the numbers and flow of civilian refugees during the Korean War
EXAMPLE Try establish, by a combination of study of sources, and by estimation, the population of Kangwondo over history

II. The Qualitive Approach

Year Name Title
EXAMPLE Try establish, by a combination of study of sources, and by assumption, to describe the lifestyle of peasant families in Korea in c.1300, c.1550, c.1750, c.1850

F. Critical Book (Article etc.) Review

Year Name Title
see under School Textbooks

Note : certain topics may qualify for listing under more than one heading in the above list.

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