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First posted on November 11th 2012

1444-1448 Italian F. Biondi, wrote De Roma instaurata, a guide to the monuments of Ancient Rome. Regarded a father of archaeology.
1592 Re-discovery of Pompeii
1748 Begin of excavations in Pompeii
1770 London : journal Archaeologia began publication
1784 U.S. American T. Jefferson undertook the first scientific archaeological excavation; until then, archaeological excavations were little more than treasure hunting and grave robbery. Archaeological methods were further developed in the late 19th century.
1801-1812 Elgin Marbles (from Athens, mainly from the Parthenon) were moved to Britain; since 1816 in tyhe British Museum.
1802 Christian Albrechts University Kiel (then Holstein, under Denmark; now Germany) established the first professorship for Classical Archaeology
1802-1849 Decipherment of Old Persian (in cuneiform script) by the efforts of G.F. Grotefend, E. Burnouf, C. Lassen and R. Rawlinson
1821-1836 Dane C.J. Thomsen develops the Three Age System (Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age)
1822 Frenchman J.F. Champollion published the translation of the Rosetta Stone; he deciphered the Egyptian hieroglyphs
1829 Instituto di corrispondenza archeologica founded in Rome.
1843 British Archaeological Association established.
1877-1931 German W. Dörpfeld pioneered in stratigraphic archaeology (excavating layer by layer; document findings).
1893/1906- Excavations at Hattusa (Hittite capital), begun by Frenchman E. Chantre, continued by the German Archaeological Institute
1900 Briton A. Evans began excavation at Knossos; coined term "Minoan Civilisation".
1911 U.S. American H. Bingham found Machu Picchu.
1922 Indian R. Bandyopadhyay found Mohenjo-Daro (excavated in the 1930s).
1929 U.S. American A.E. Douglass published on his application of dendrochronology to establishe the dates of archaeological finds.
1949 U.S. American W.F. Libby first used Carbon dating method.
1967 Briton M. Rix established the branch of Industrial Archaeology.
1969 U.S. American G.F. Bass pioneered in nautical archaeology.

Article Archaeological Journals from Great Soviet Encyclopedia, in English translation posted by encyclopedia2