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First posted on November 11th 2012

1818-1824 Swede G. Wahlenberg postulated the (historical) glaciation of Scandinavia; Dane J. Esmark argued a sequence of worldwide ice ages
1856 German J.K. Führott identified the skull of a man found at Neanderthal (Germany) as that belonging to a prehistoric, now-extinct species or subspecies of the genus homo
1859 Briton C. Darwin published On the Origin of Species
1871 Briton C. Darwin postulated the Out of Africa Theory
1891 Discovery of Homo erectus erectus (Java Man)
1923 Discovery of bones of Homo erectus pekinensis (Peking Man)
1974 U.S. American D. Johnson discovered the skeleton of Lucy at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania
1923 Australian V.G. Childe coined the term "Neolithic Revolution"
1940 Cave paintings of Lascaux (France) discovered