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Imperialism | Colonial Policy


Reichstagsakten 1888/89, 7. Lp., Vol. 121, Attachment 41: Collection of Documents pertaining the Uprising in East Africa, Report from the Imperial consul general on Zanzibar

No.8, attachment no. 1, Report from District Chief of Lindi

Lindi, August 16th 1888

The Arab segment of the population of Lindi lives on the slave trade. All soldiers and Sultan's men are accomplices and receive their share in the robbery.
The main slave traders are :
Mahamadi Ngunga
Bachofa Hamed
Abid bin Zef
Halaal bin Zef
Salim bin Abdallah
Seliman, the Sultan's prison guard
Rashid de Pappa
and the Kadi Omani bin Jemali
The latter is given a large percentage for remaining silent.
British warships hardly ever have confiscated a slave dhow here and do not visit the port. Almost all the dhows sail under the French flag which they obtain from the consulate in Madagscar, as they have their ships measured there.
I remark simultanously that it is difficult to undertake anything here against slave trade, which is also profitable to the indigenous along the coast, without having a sufficient force at my disposal.

the district chief
Freiherr von Eberstein

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