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20th Cent. | Germany | Weimar Republic
Chancellor Bruning justifies his policy of austerity (1931)
"I will do my utmost to prevent any inflationary measure of any kind, not only in the spirit of justice, not only to protect the weak, but also because it is my opinion that the honest balance of the German economy has to be recreated, in spite of all bitterness, and that any attempt and any request for inflationary measures only can have the goal in mind to foil this process of establishing a clear balance, to pull another veil over the mistakes over the past.
Successes in foreign policy can be achieved all the faster, if we are able to present to the world an honest and clear balance of the German finances and the German economy, for everybody to study.

This is the strongest and most efficient weapon the Reich government had, and to forge this weapon was the task of this administration in its first year. Because of it, public opinion all over the world, without exceptions, now takes a completely different point of view when it comes to the reparations, when compared to years past. Domestically it has to be similarly. Many social and professional tensions would have not become that acute, the political right-wing radicalism would not have gained that much strength, if certain healing processes would have been begun earlier, if the surgeon's knife would have cut earlier and more radically in the private as well as public economy."

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Translator: A. Ganse