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Galicia Transylvania
First posted on August 19th 2002, last revised on November 12th 2008

Bukovina since 1919
Bukovina in World War I
Bukovina 1849-1914
Bukovina 1815-1849
Bukovina 1775-1815

for history 1775-1918/19, see also Austria
for history after 1918/19, see also Romania

Economic History of the Bukovina 1809-1902

Historic Encyclopedia Entries : History of the Bukovina

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Article : Bukowina, from Wikipedia German edition
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Structurae : Ukraine, Chernivtsi Oblast, Romania, Suceava Judet
Culture Bukovina Info, a number of articles in German, on historical topics; many philatelic

Historical Data Lists of Statesmen from World Statesmen (B. Cahoon); from Rulers (B. Schemmel), scroll down for Bukovina; from Regnal Chronologies
Population Figures Historical Population Statistics : Ukraine, by administrative divisions, from Population Statistics by Jan Lahmeyer; look under Cernivc'ka Oblast; data since 1959
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Image Databanks Old Postcards of the Bukowina, from Wiener Werkstätte,
Archival Deposits
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South East Europe History Map Index, from Eliznik
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detail, hindsight/modern
detail, contemporary Maps of Czernowitz and Surrounding Areas, 1907 Map of Czernowitz, 1787 Cadaster Map of Czernowitz, from Czernowitz Ehpes
Encyclopedia Entries
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Parliamentary Debates
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Bukowina Jewish Museum of History and Culture, Chernivtsi, from Chernivtsi Memory
Official Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Flaggenlexikon, click for Bukowina, bilingual German & English site
Coat of Arms, from International Civic Heraldry, from Hic Leones (Meyer 5th ed.)
Coins, Banknotes A Banknote National Identity Crisis - Bukowina, from Coin Talk

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Table of Contents
General Accounts Adrian Webb, The Longman Companion to Central and Eastern Europe since 1919, London etc.: Longman 2002 [G]
Hilfskomitee für Ukrainische Flüchtlinge aus Galizien und der Bukowina, no date
Specific Topics Erich Prokopowitsch, Die Rumänische Nationalbewegung in der Bukowina und der Dako-Romanismus (The Romanian National Movement in the Bukowina and Daco-Romanism), Köln : Böhlau 1965, in German

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