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  • Let’s face it - vocabulary learning and testing - can be rather boring at times. Why not try to motivate your pupils with the help of a little magic! On these pages you will find a magic trick for practising the vocabulary of travel and holidays.
    A Little Bit of Magic (PDF; 2,5 MB)
  • Do you imagine why the sentence "While Frankenstein was eating, his hamster, Dracula rang the door bell" helps to understand grammar? If not, you should download Mr. Brown's work sheet:
    Laughter & Learning (PDF; 118,2 kb)
  • “Turn to page 67”: Dear Colleagues, while you are reading these lines, you can be sure that one of our colleagues in Toronto, Tel Aviv or Timbuctoo is giving this perennial instruction to his students, before dealing with a text. Nothing wrong with this, of course. The question is:
    "Turn to Page 67" (PDF; 626,4 kb)
  • “Get them talking”: In the modern communicative classroom this is, of course, our most important goal. Gone are the days when teachers were content to get their pupils shouting out in chorus their "pattern drills". One of the most effective ways of "getting them talking" is with the help of board games. What´s more - the preparation is quite simple.
    "Get Them Talking (1)" (PDF; 7,9 MB)
  • “Puzzle it out”: Variety is the spice of life and there is nothing in any of the many curricula in Germany to stop us whetting the pupils' appetites by wrapping up the exercise in the form of a puzzle. Maybe you would like to try out a few of the "Legespiele" on the next few pages. Photocopy them onto card or paper.
    "Puzzle it out" (PDF; 1 MB)

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