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The Neue Preußische Zeitung (Kreuzzeitung) on 28.Juli 1900 criticizes the Wolffsche-Telegraphen-Bureau because of delayed publication of the Kaiser speeech from the day before (Hunnenrede)
The speech His Imperial Majesty held yesterday in front of the recruits departing for China has already been published, in its central parts, by the Berliner Lokal-Anzeiger in its evening issue. The more odd is it that the Wolffsche-Telegraphen-Bureau sent this Kaiser speech to the editorial bureaus only at 10 o'clock p.m., and then in a first edition, and late at night, so late that the telegram could not be published by all newspapers, a second telegram arrived containing the full text. We know very well that the speeches of his majesty, before being distributed by "W.T.B.", have to be presented at a competent location, which somehow explains the delay in the publication. Yet it is deplorable that the delay lasted so many hours. It is also conspicious that under these circumstances the full text was not transmitted to the editorial bureaus immediately, inasmuch the important elements had already been reported from another source. How can this happen a well-connected enterprise such as the "W.T.B." is not easily explicable. Has His Majesty's speech, which certainly has been written down in short-hand, been presented twice to the competent location, or only once ? In every case it would have been in the interest of the newspapers to be informed with the arrival of the first message that there was the possibility of a later telegram containing the full text. Quite some dull gossip might have been prevented. But it has to be stated openly that the Wolffsche Bureau news about yesterday's events in Wilhelmshaven [sic!] did not meet the standards of this enterprise and its network.

quoted after : Jost Lubben, Die Nordwestdeutsche Zeitung 1895 bis 1933/45, Ein Beitrag zur Entwicklung und politischen Ausrichtung der Generalanzeigerpresse in Deutschland. (The Nordwestdeutsche Zeitung 1895 bis 1933/45. A Contribution to the Development and Political Orientation of the Generalanzeiger Press in Germany) in: Veröffentlichungen des Stadtarchivs Bremerhaven, ed. by H. Bickelmann, Vol. 13, p.141f; Translator: A. Ganse
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