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Atlas German Colonies, with Yearbook, edited by the German Colonial Society, 1907, Retrospective on the Development of the German Protectorates in the Pacific in 1906
Retrospective on the Development of the German Protectorates in the Pacific in 1906

After the year 1905 brought the murder in the Baining Mountains, 1906 was extraordinarily calm and peaceful. Everywhere the combination of the natives and integration into orderly communities under responsible chiefs has progressed. In the district of Namatanani station, the area under the control of administration was extended considerably. The total number of appointed chiefs in the district numbered 168, the larger part of which on Neumecklenburg. On the northern shore of Neupommern and in the Baining Mountains, further tribes have been placed under the administration. In the area of the station Kieta on Bougainville the first chiefs have been appointed. Here, the reorganization of affairs is more difficult, as the indigenous hitherto were unfamiliar with the institution of chiefs. These days, however, they come from distant stretches and (p.24) raise accusations and complaints at the station, awaiting judgment - certainly an indication that general trust among the Papua in the German colonial administration is rising. 
In Kaiser-Wilhelmsland relations with the indigenous have intensified in general. Chiefs who had been appointed in an experiment have not been able to establish their authority; but beginnings have been made which justify the hope for an improvement.
A good deal of progress has been made in the separation of administration and jurisdiction. Since 1906 the district court and the district office are manned with separate officials. In Simpsonhafen a government station has been opened. The seat of government shall later be moved here. This has been decided in consideration of navigation in the port of Simpsonhafen, where the large steamers of the Norddeutscher Lloyd, steaming between Asia and Australia, dock.
The large pier at Simpsonhafen is in operation since end October 1905. Besides the Reich mail steamers of the Austral-Japan-Line, also coastal steamers dock. The Norddeutscher Lloyd has erected a large storage barn on the pier, which will suffice for the requirements of navigation for some time to come.
In Simpsonhafen, the future seat of government, busy construction is going on. It should be mentioned that a botanical garden is in the process of being established there, which hopefully will give fruitful impulses to the extension of plantation culture in the protectorate of Neuguinea. The main streets of Simpsonhafen are structurally complete. The government buildings will be erected on the hilltops. The road there has been completed in 1906.
On the Gazelle Peninsula, too, road construction has been pursued energetically.In part, detonation of obstacles have been necessary, especially where a breakthrough had to be accomplished at Ratawul Pass, from Simpsonhafen to the north coast. The natives everywhere voluntarily have placed the necessary workers at our disposal. Also at the works on Hansemann Mountain, to a lesser extent, natives have been hired for road construction.
As it is to be seen from the export statistics, the products of sea fishery, such as trepang, tortoise-shell, mother-of-pearl etc. further have declined because of overexploitation, a number of cultures are emphasized even more strongly. For the time being the cocos palm is the main product of the protectorate. Over a million have been planted, of which far over a quarter of a million have hitherto been productive. As a new culture caoutchouc is gaining importance. However, the production hitherto has been negligible. The satisfactorily result has been registered, that the samples have been judged positively and have been compared with the best products of other countries.
In the Baining Mountains, rich in precipitation and with a good, deep soil, an attempt has been made in the report year to establish small settlements. 10 farmers have settled there, supported by the government by the donation of land and seed material, who previously have been active as planters in northern Queensland, and who thus have been acquainted with tropical climate. The plantations shall focus on ficus. As an intermediate culture, the sisal agava has been planted in a larger scale. Lately demand for this product has increased that much, that we can expect lucrative sales. Maize has been planted, too, and thrives well in excellent quality. Based on the experience of the development of the farms so far we may hope that the settlers in the Baining Montains will, in case of economic management, will thrive.
The inhabitants of the Micronesian islands all suffer from the consequences of the hurricanes of 1905. All repeatedly had to be supported by shipments of food, because the hurricane has destroyed the harvests and the bread fruit trees on many islands, in part destroyed the blossoms, leaves and fruits. The government has interfered in praiseworthy manner and, for instance on the Marianas, instructed the natives in the cultivation of maize and sweet potatoes. Harvests have been so plentiful that a surplus of food was achieved. On the Eastern Carolinas it was necessary to resettle a couple of hundred people to other islands. A good effect of these events is that in singular instances natives request employment. There is no lack of labour; at many locations, public buildings damaged by the Taifun have to be repaired.
A dam 230 m long connecting the three islands Jap, Mup and Rumung has been completed, made from coral blocks. It connects the three islands and has eliminated the use of sea vessels for communication. The office building of the government station, with side buildings, has almost been completed. A number of new buildings have become necessary because of the construction of the cable station. The constructed buildings, of which the office building (p.25) has two storeys, are all made from steel with concrete walls, vaults and ceilings.
Next to the telegraph office 4 residential houses, a spacious clubhouse and a number of secondary buildings, as well as a facility for two containers with reserve cables and an enormous cistern have been established. A turbine tower supplies the houses with water from the cistern; all lavatories are connected with a sewage pipe leading to the sea.
On April 1st the Marshall Islands ceased to be an independent protectorate; they have been attached administratively to the Carolinas. This group, too, suffers from the after-effects of the taifun of June 1905.
Our Samoa-Islands have made considerable progress in their development. The relation between settlers and natives, thanks to the skill of vice governor Dr. Schultz, is excellent. While we still don't know the figures of last year's trade, we can state an increase in exports and in the cultivation of the indigenous, as well as increased purchasing power on the side of the entire island population. High prices for copra favoured this development. The shape of the cocoa plantations is described as excellent. The Samoanische Zeitung reports : "there is no doubt whatsoever in the rentability of the Samoan cocoa plantations". Individual companies already have shipped considerably large amounts of cocoa. The present drying house proved too small, and the newer plantations all gave a good, healthy impression. The most damaging animals, the rats, have been combatted so effectively that we can not state any real damage.
According to the quoted newspaper, the Samoan cautchouc samples also have been given excellent evaluations.
In 1906 175 Chinese were shipped back home from Samoa, 660 braid-wearing men newly brought into the country, as workers. The vulcano euption on Sawaii, which perhaps is connected with seismic events elsewhere on the planet, and the opening of the telephone network in Apia, with 30 participants, deserve being mentioned.


Source: Deutscher Kolonial-Atlas mit Jahrbuch (Atlas German Colonies with Yearbook), edited by the Deutsche Kolonialgesellschaft (German Colonial Society). Berlin 1907, p.23ff.

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