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Atlas of Germany's Colonies and Illustrated Yearbook, edited by the German Colonial Society. Berlin 1913

Table of Content

page 3: German Colonial Society  
page 7: General
page 10: The German Protectorates
page 13: Colonial Literature and Maps
page 15: General Information  
page 16: Retrospect 1912  
page 18: Colonial Literature and Maps  
page 18: General Information  
page 20: Retrospect 1912  
page 22: Colonial Literature and Maps  
page 23: General Information  
page 24: Retrospect 1912  
page 26: Colonial Literature and Maps  
page 27: General Information  
page 29: Retrospect 1912  
page 31: Colonial Literature and Maps  
German Protectorates in the Pacific
page 32: I. Deutsch-Neuguinea  
page 32: a) The Bismarck-Archipelago  
page 33: b) Kaiser-Wilhelmsland  
page 33: c) The Carolines  
page 34: II. Samoa   
page 35: Retrospect 1912  
page 37: Colonial Literature and Maps  
page 37: General Information  
page 39: Retrospect 1912  
page 40: Colonial Literature and Maps  


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