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Nordisk Familjebok 1904-1926, Meyer 1902-1909,

Nordisk Familjebok 1904-1926, Article : Goluchowski (1908)
Goluchowski, Agenor, Count, Austrian statesman, born in 1812 in Galicia, died in 1875, was governor of Galicia 1849-1859, and as such gained great merit for the development of the country by a juridical reform, the construction of schools, of roads etc. Appointed minister of the interior in 1859, Goluchowski partook in the drafting of the October Diploma (1860), but had to resign shortly after (December that year) and to give way to Schmerling, whose experiment with the constitution of a unitary state caused Goluchowski, who had been made menber of the House of Lords in 1861, to briefly leave politics. From 1866 to 1867 and again from 1871 to 1875 was he governor of Galicia, and there he energetically worked for the dominance of the Polish element over the Germans and Ruthenians.
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Meyer's Konversationslexikon 1902-1909, Article : Goluchowski
Goluchowski, Agenor, Count, Austrian statesman, born on February 8th 1812, died on August 3rd 1875, was educated in Galicia and then entered the state administration. Already as a clerk in the stadholderate he became noted for his energy, with which he fought the intrigues of the Polish nobility. From 1849 to 1859 stadholder of Galicia, after the resignation of Bach he was appointed minister of the interior, but already on December 13th 1860 he had to give way to Schmerling. In September 1866, because of the influence of Belcredi and Beust, again appointed stadholder of Galicia, dismissed by the "burgher cabinet" in 1867, under Hohenwart in 1871 for the third time appointed stadholder of Galicia, his home province, where he since energetically worked for the complete Polonization and the suppression of the Ruthenians and of German culture.
source in German, posted by Zeno


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