First posted on November 15th 2002, last revised on November 16th 2004

Biographies of Selected Dutchmen

Deterding, Henri Wilhelm August, 1866-1939, Dutch entrepreneur
Sent to Sumatra at the age of 20, he joined the KNPM (Royal Dutch Petrol Company, short Royal Dutch) in 1896; was appointed chairman in 1902. Under his leadership (-1936), Royal Dutch became internationally competitive, and the dominating party in the merged Royal Dutch-Shell group.
sources : Visum (Elsevier) 1960; Kleine Elsevier 1960 (both in Dutch)

Donker Curtius, Dirk, 1792-1863, Dutch statesman
In 1830 he communicated the grievances of the dissatisfied Belgians to the king and proposed these to be addressed. Upon the king's refusal, Donker Curtius predicted the Belgian secession. Editor of the "Arnhemsche Courant" in the 1840es, in which he advocated a liberal revision of the constitution. In 1848 he was a member of the commission charged with the revision of the constitution; from 1848 to 1849 minister of justice and also prime minister; from 1853 to 1856 again minister of justice.
sources : Kleine Winkler Prins 1968; Kleine Elsevier 1960 (both in Dutch)

Heemskerk Azn., Jan , 1818-1897, Dutch statesman
From 1866 to 1868 minister of foreign affairs and cabinet head 1866-1868; prime minister 1874-1877, 1883-1888. Major issues during his first term of office were the disputed government right to appoint the governor of the Dutch East Indies and the status of Luxemburg.
sources : Kleine Winkler Prins 1968; Kleine Elsevier 1960 (both in Dutch)

Hogendorp, Gijsbert Karel van, 1762-1834, Dutch statesman
A supporter of the House of Orange-Nassau, he held the office of pensionaris of Rotterdam 1787-1795. After the period of French domination, in 1813, in cooperation with van der Duyn van Maasdam and van Limburg Styrum, he organized the administration of the liberated Netherlands, in the name of the prince of Orange. In 1813 minister of foreign affairs, in 1815 he presided the commission charged with revising the constitution. In 1816 he resigned. As a member of the second chamber of parliament 1816-1825 he lead the liberal opposition, criticized royal protectionist policy. 1830-1831 briefly cabinet head.
sources : Kleine Winkler Prins 1968; Kleine Elsevier 1960; Visum (Elsevier) 1960 (all in Dutch)

Philips, Gerard Leonard Frederik, Dutch entrepreneur, 1858-
Co-founder of Philips Light Bulb Factory at Eindhoven, Netherlands, together with his father Frederik (1891).
sources : Visum (Elsevier) 1960; Kleine Elsevier 1960 ; Guus Bekooy e.a., Philips Honderd 1891-1991, Zaltbommel 1991 (all in Dutch)

Schimmelpenninck, Rutger Jan, 1761-1825, Dutch statesman
Pensionary of the Batavian Republic 1805-1806; (moderate) leader of the Batavian Revolution in 1795; Batavian ambassador to Paris 1798-1802, 1803-1805).
sources : Visum (Elsevier) 1960; Kleine Winkler Prins 1968 (both in Dutch)

Snouck Hurgronje, Christiaan, 1857-1936, Dutch philologist
Snouck Hurgronje, professor at the Univ. of Leiden since 1906, was the Netherlands' leading scholar of Islamic studies. Advised the Dutch government in East Indian and Arabian affairs; his advice influenced the change of the Dutch policy in the Acheh War.
sources : Kleine Winkler Prins 1968; Kleine Elsevier 1960 (both in Dutch)

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