Czech Republic Holy Roman Empire
First posted July 26th 2006, last revised on September 11th 2006

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Maps on Austria-Hungary in 1910, from Eotvos Univ., Dept. of Cartography
Periodocal Historical Atlas : Europe 900-1700, from
J. Bartholomew, 1882, maps of Silesia (234 k), Moravia (96 k, with Austrian Silesia), Bohemia (138 k), posted by FEEFHS
Maps posted by It's all relative, Czech and Slovak Genealogy Site
Blaeu Atlas (1645), maps of Bohemia, Moravia, Duchy of Silesia, Lower Silesia, County of Glatz, Duchy of Silesia-Glogau, Upper Saxony with Lusatia, posted by UCLA
Freeman's Historical Geography (1903) : Central Europe 980, 1180, 1360, 1460, 1555, 1660, 1780, 1801, 1810, 1815, 1860, 1871, posted by the Perry Castaneda Library, UTexas
Maps of Czech cities, 1911/1948, from The 1900 European Map Collection by Discus Media
Global Gazetteer : Czech Rep. (Modern Placenames), from
Karten von Schlesien (Maps of Silesia), posted by Thomas Rüffer

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