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First posted on July 9th 2006, last revised on July 13th 2006

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The maps on the left are to show SLH in her territorial development or administrative structure.
The maps on the right are to show SLH as part of larger political entities.

For a commented map on Prussia's Provinces in 1932, go to IEG Maps

For a commented map on Prussia's Provinces in 1938, go to IEG Maps

Adressen der Landesvermessungsämter in Deutschland (Addresses of Survey Institutions in Germany), posted by lernwelt.de, in German, lists historical maps sold by these institutions
Prussia Maps, from IEG Maps
Hanseatic Cities, Mecklenburg and Adjacent Territories Maps, 1812-1871, from IEG Maps
Norman Berdichevsky, The Chameleon Trritory of South Schleswig (Slesvig), Fluctuations in the Perception of National Identity, posted at Durham Univ.
Kollektives Gedächtnis - Die Volksabstimmung in Nordschleswig, from DHM

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