Bohemian War, 1448-1452

Since 1444, Ladislaus Postumus, of the Habsburg Dynasty, nominally was King of Bohemia (he was a child; the country was ruled by regents). The country was split in two parties, the Austrian Party and the Calixtine Party, the latter Czech- patriotic and sympathizing with moderate Hussitism.
In 1448, Georg von Kunstadt und Podiebrad raised a force of 900 men and marched on Prague, which he took without meeting opposition. Boy king Ladislaus Postumus now lived under his protection; Georg von Podiebrad acted as regent of Bohemia. Von Podiebrad invaded Saxony in 1448 (Saxons held several Bohemian cities occupied); he conquered Gera in 1450; then peace was concluded with Saxony. The Austrian Party now took up arms, too, but was defeated. In 1451, Emperor Friedrich III. (von Habsburg) appointed Georg von Podiebrad Captain of Bohemia; this ended the conflict for the moment. In 1452 he took Tabor, the stronghold of the radical Hussites. On April 27th von Podiebrad was elected governor by the Bohemian Diet.

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