Bretagne Struggle for Independence, 1488-1491

In September 1488 Duke François II. of the Bretagne died; he was succeeded by his daughter Anne, born in 1477, thus 11 years old. In Dec. 1490 Anne married Emperor Maximilian, hoping that he could aid Bretagne in her struggle for independence against France (see Bretagne 1487-1488). In response, French troops occupied the Duchy. Maximilian could not protect the Bretagne; neither could English King Henry VII., who sent troops in Feb. 1489 (with 6,000 men), in July 1490 and in 1492 (with 26,000 men).
In December 1491 Anne's marriage with Emperor Maximilian (the marriage was not consumed; the two had not met) was annulled, and Anne was married to King Charles VIII. of France. Charles VIII. and Henry VII. signed Treaty of Etaples; France paid England for costs of Brittany expeditions; France stopped to support English pretender Perkin Warbeck.
In a 1532 treaty, Bretagne was integrated into France; King François I. of France promised to respect the privileges of the Bretagne.

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