Ferrarese War, 1482-1484

Duke Ercole II. of Este-Ferrara, husband of Lucrezia Borgia, in 1482-1484 fought an alliance of the Republic of Venice and Pope Sixtus IV.

House of Este (EB), posted by Luciano Chiappini
Timeline Italy 1450-1499, from Italian Studies at SHU
Book Review : Herculean Ferrara: Ercole d'Este, 1471-1505, and the Invention of a Ducal Capital, from English Historical Review
Ercole d'Este di Ferrara, from Condottieri di Ventura, detailed Italian-language timeline
L'assedio di Ficarolo (maggio-giugno 1482) (The Siege of Ficarolo), from De Re militari, in Italian
Ferrara, a brief history, by Mauro Orlandini
DOCUMENTS La Guerra de Ferrara, poem, posted by Testi di Ferrara, posted by Universita di Pisa, in Italian

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First posted on March 7th 2004, last revised on November 16th 2004

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