Portuguese Expedition against Tanger 1437

Note : Tanger is, in English literature, sometimes refered to as Tangiers.
In 1437 Dom Henrique, Infant of Portugal, better known as Prince Henry the Navigator, lead a Portuguese expedition against the city of Tanger. Impatient - he did not await the arrival of reinforcements - he undertook a first attack September 20th, with a force of 5,000 men; a second attack, including the reinforcements from Portugal on October 5th anf following was equally unsuccessful. When troops arrived from the Sultanates of Fez and Morocco to support the defenders, the Portuguese found themselves surrounded and had to agree to a humiliating peace - leaving horses and equipment behind and promising to hand over Ceuta (which Dom Henrique's father, King Joao, did not agree to).
In 1471, the Portuguese would succeed in taking Tanger.

Defeat of Tanger, from Battles of Portugal
Tanger, L'Epoque Portugaise
Tanger, from Historiske Slag, in Danish
Tanger, from arab.net

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