Ottoman-Russian War over Astrakhan, 1569

In 1569 Ottoman Sultan Selim II. sent an army against the city of Astrakhan, which was Russian since 1556. The city, protected by arms of the Volga River, held out, but was partially burnt down. A Russian relief army broke the siege; the Ottoman force withdrew.
Sultan Selim II. had conceived a canal connecting the Don and Volga Rivers; this would have enabled an Ottoman fleet, from the Black Sea, to ne shipped up the lower Don and down the lower Volga to aid in the siege of Astrakhan. After the defeat, the Ottoman Empire recognized Russian possession of Astrakhan.

Second Battle of Astrakhan, 1569, from Simonides - Dictionary of Battles
Astrakhan II, 1569, from Historiske Slag, in Danish
Biography of Ivan IV., the Terrible, from EB 1911 (extensive, fails to mention expedition of 1569)
Don-Idyll Channel, from Oz Turkler, on the Ottoman Ca,paign against Astrakhan 1569

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