Habsburg Campaign in Hungary, 1506

In 1490, Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus died. Since 1479 he had controlled Lower Austria and Styria; in a Campaign 1490-1491, the Hungarians were expelled from there by Maximilian von Habsburg's forces, which proceded into Hungary. Maximilian's quest for the crown of Hungary was unsuccessful. On November 11th 1491 the Peace of Bratislava (Pocsony, Pressburg), Maximilian's control of the western Hungarian comitates was confirmed, as was his claim to inherit the Hungarian crown.
In 1493, Maximilian succeeded his father Frederick III. as Holy Roman Emperor.
In 1506, King Wladislav (Ladislas, Laszlo) Jagiellon of Hungary had his son Louis elected (co-) King of Hungary; in response, Emperor Maximilian undertook a campaign into Hungary, stressing his claim for the Hungarian crown, fighting an army of Hungarian magnates.

The Tomb of Maximilian, from Hofkirche
Article Maximilian I., from BBKL, in German
Article Louis II. of Hungary, from Columbia Encyclopedia

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