War between the Teutonic Order and Poland, 1520-1521
In German referred to as "Reiterkrieg" (War of the Knights/Horse Riders)

Forces - mercenaries fighting for Grand Master (since 1510) Albrecht von Brandenburg - on January 1st 1520 invaded Warmia, occupied the city of Braunsberg, destroyed Frauenburg and laid siege to Heilsberg, the residence of the Bishops of Warmia (in German : Ermland). The war continued into 1521 and resulted in severe destruction on territory of both the Teutonic Order (Samland, Natangen, Pomesanien) and of Royal Prussia (Warmia etc.).
With Albrecht von Brandenburg no longer able to finasnce the force of mercenaries, truce was concluded in 1521; the Teutonic Order held on to occupied Braunsberg; the war terminated in the Treaty of Cracow, according to which the territory of the Teutonic Order in Prussia was transferred into the Duchy in Prussia, held by the last Grand Master, Albrecht von Brandenburg, as a fief of the crown of Poland.

Geschichte von Braunsberg, by Volker Liedtke, in German
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Geschichte von Frauenburg, from Castles of Poland
Last Teutonic war 1519-1521, from Polish Renaissance Warfare

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