Slovenian Peasants' War 1635 (Lower Styria, Carniola)

In 1635, Slovenian peasants of Lower Styria, suffering from high texation, excessive demands of corvee labour, an inflation they had difficulty to comprehend and simply regarded as unjust, a situation only exacerbated by the ongoing Thirty Years War, took up arms and rebelled. The rebellion spread into adjacent Carniola. The rebels were poorly armed, lacked cavalry as well as military training. They were easily defeated by small units of professional soldiers.

REFERENCE Arnold Suppan, Zwischen Adria und Karawanken, Deutsche Geschichte im Osten Europas (Between Adria and Karawanken Mts., German History in Europe's East), Berlin : Siedler 1998, in German

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First posted on August 30th 2004, last revised on November 19th 2004

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