Austro-Ottoman War, 1716-1718

A.) The Diplomatic Pre-History of the War

In 1683-1699, the Habsburg Dynasty, in alliance with Poland and Venice, had defeated Ottoman forces and 'liberated' Hungary and Transylvania. In 1715 Ottoman forces had retaken the Morea (Ottoman-Venetian War, 1714-1718) from Venice; Austria exerted diplomatic pressure on the Sublime Porte to return the peninsula. When Istanbul refused, Austria declared war.

B.) The Military Course of Events

Prince Eugene of Savoy, commander of the Austrian forces, defeated the Ottoman forces at Peterwardein Aug. 5th 1716 and moved on Temesvar (Timisoara), the capital of the Banat, which surrendered Oct. 12th. On August 16th 1717 Belgrade was taken by assault. The war was terminated by the Treaty of Passarowitz (July 21st 1718); the Ottoman Empire ceded the Banat, Oltenia (Little Wallachia) and Serbia.

C.) The Legacy

Austria lost Serbia and Oltenia (= Little Wallachia) again in 1739, following another Austro-Ottoman War..

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