Portuguese-Maratha War, 1737-1741

Already in 1720 the Marathas (Mahrattas) had conquered Kalyat, one of the ports of Vasai (Bassein, Baçaim). In 1732 the Portuguese began construction of another fort on Vasai, Thana; the Portuguese failed to regularly pay their workers. The latter in 1736 offered to hand over the fortress to the Marathas.
In 1737, the Marathas, commanded by Chimaji Appa, took possession of Thana, with the island of Salsette (Salcete); the act caused the Portuguese-Maratha War to break out. Chimaji Appa died the same year. The Portuguese possessions around Vasai, and the center of the Portuguese colonial Empire in India, Goa, came under attack. The remaining Portuguese forts in Vasai fell in 1738 and 1739 respectively; Vasai surrendered May 16th 1739. Goa held out. In 1741 reinforcements arrived, and the Portuguese, commanded by the Marquis of Lourical, defeated the allied Maratha and Bhonsle forces at Bardez; the Portuguese territory around Goa was extended (Novas Conquistas); Vasai remained in the hands of the Marathas.
Peace with the Marathas was concluded only in 1759.

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