Wars of the 19th Century

European Wars

Austro-SHS War
Russo-Polish War
Irish Civil War
Overseas Wars

Colonial Wars

Third Anglo-Afghan War

Armed Conflict Events Data, from OnWar.com, arranged by country in chronological order, many events listed, a large database of encyclopedic entries
The War Zone, from simonides.org, a chronological listing of wars (of world History) linked to encyclopedic descriptions, further links etc.
La Pagina de la Historia, Catalan-language website, numerous files on recent wars
Chronology, from League of Nations Photo Archive at Indiana Univ.
DOCUMENTS Documents on Military History, from Hillsdale College, many entries for the 19th century
Documents of Diplomatic History, from Mt. Holyoke College, huge file; scroll down to 19th century, many documents on wars. WATCH OUT : Not all documents linked here are primary documents !

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