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DESIDERIUS ERASMUS, his original name being Gerhard Gerhards (1466-1536), also called Erasmus of Rotterdam, was a HUMANIST philosopher, so popular that he became the first writer of history being able to live of the royalties of his writings. He had been educated at Deventer at the school of the BRETHREN OF THE COMMON LIFE, founded by GERARD GROOTE After having taught at Oxford and Cambridge he held a professorship at the University of Basel (Switzerland); his most famous book is titled PRAISE OF FOLLY. Erasmus corresponded among others with THOMAS MORE and MARTIN LUTHER.
He studied to become a priest, was admitted to priesthood and took the monastic vows in 1492, but, according to our knowledge he never preached noir entered a monastery, but became a sharp critic of the church and especially of monasteries.

Biography from the Knitting Circle and from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
DOCUMENTS Writings of Erasmus, from the Erasmus Text Project

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